March 2016 Favorites


We’re done with March and next coming up Spring ! I’m looking forward to smell the beautiful flowers on the trees and have the sun finally back. Those past few days have been pretty sunny and bright which, I have to admit, is incredible for Paris. Hope that it’s going to stay like that so we can start April the best way possible. Until then, I’ve been working so much this week and I haven’t really enjoyed the weather that much but I’m certainly going to have fun this week-end. Continue reading “March 2016 Favorites”

5 Photo Editing App That You Need


When it comes to Instagram, I always edit my pictures because I like when there’s a good lighting and a filter always make the quality better. But recently you’ve all seen this trend of having a theme on Instagram so all you pictures have the same kind of lighting, contrast, filter… etc. If you stick to it, you can have a very pretty result, more attracting. Before using apps, I was just struggling with the Instagram filters. If you’re a pioneer of Instagram you probably remember those ugly filters with a frame that everyone loved so much. At that time, there was not many editing apps and editing was not something that people were doing. But honestly I prefer now, besides you can even edit directly on Instagram but I have stick to my apps.

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3 Moisturizers You Should Purchase


Spring is on its way but I still feel that cold fresh air coming to me everytime I go out, am I the only one ? I’m sure not. To avoid that, I layer on as many fashionable pieces as possible but at the end of the day, when I take all those thick layers off, my skin still feels dry (wtf?). Well this is when a good moisturizer comes handy. Since my younger age my body skin, counter to my face, has always been overly-dry and if you are the same you know how annoying it is when you have to moisturize every freaking single day. As far as I’m concern I don’t have the patience to do it every day even if it doesn’t take me long. In result, this is when my trek desperately looking for a moisturizer started.

Of course, if you read my previous articles about skin care you know, by now, my gratefulness to dermatologists. However, I don’t feel that spending 50€ to hear that my skin’s dry can help me more. There are very affordable and still effective moisturizers in the market and there are closer than you think. I’m not talking about those 100$ cream made with whatever natural ingredients and gold extract. No need for that. My personal preferences are for creams instead of oils. The thicker the better, and the more comfortable I feel.

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Why I love La Roche-Posay So Much

La Roche Posay.jpg

If you follow me since the beginning, you should know by now my love for good skin scare companies and especially La Roche-Posay. I’m not sponsored by them in any way, I bought their products with my money and I try them for my skincare routine. La Roche-Posay is a dermatologic laboratory company based in France. They work with a team of professional and expert specialised in skincare and treatments of skin problems like acne, dryness or scares. They have a large range of skin, body, hair care and makeup adapted for all types of skin and problem that you might face.

In France, this company is a low/middle price range that is accessible to everyone in drugstore. It’s slowly starting to gain popularity in the U.S by what I’ve seen when I went. I found it at Target from 10$ to 50$ which is way more expensive than here but since it’s imported from France, that explains why. However, the choice was restricted to few essentials and you can definitely find more online, either on Amazon or another drugstore sites. As for other country, I’m not sure where there is and isn’t La Roche-Posay but thanks to internet (if you have it) you can find pretty much everything.

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February 2016 Favorites


This month has been by far the coldest one of this year’s Winter. I’m not sure if I liked it or not actually but it was still great. In fact, it’s the holidays and as I’m eating ice cream while writing this article, I think about how time flew by. It’s summer in only 4 months ! A good resolution that I took was to tidy my room and sell all the stuff that I don’t need anymore, including beauty products. I want to have a new start, change things because in September I’m going to college… OMG I’m so excited but also really nervous. It’s not that I’m moving but university is a new chapter of my life that I’m going to start soon after the final exams. There’s a lot of pressure but everything’s going to be okay (crossing fingers).

Also, this month was hectic because of my second trimester. I can finally send my academic records to the colleges I applied to. You know when you work so hard to achieve the goal you’ve been thinking about for so long and finally all your efforts are rewarded, it’s the best feeling in the world. All the time that you spent writing, reading, creating, analyzing… It was WORTH IT !

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My Top 5 Romantic Movie

Single talking to you here ! Hello all of you single and in couple out there how are you doing ? Valentine’s day has always been among one of my favorite day because I love when people celebrate and I don’t mind being single, don’t worry 😉

It’s going to sound a little bit cliche but on Valentine’s day I watch romantic movies ! First it’s my favorite kind of movie because it’s so cute and it’s always good to have some emotional moments. I’m typically the girl who’s going to cry right when something sad happen, it’s automatic with me I even thought that I should be sponsored by a kleenex company or something. Even when it’s not the V-day I’m going to watch romantic movies, I swear. Hope that I don’t sound too lonely (lol)… With all those movies I’ve watched, I can definitely share with you my top 5 !

New Year’s Favorites !


What is up ? First favorites of 2016 already ! Most of my favorites this month were products that I’ve already quickly talked about in previous articles. For those who follow me since the beginning you’ll probably recognize some stuff from my birthday, beauty box… You’ll see other products featured in my previous articles in other favorites to come for sure !

This month’s favorites is the typical Winter essentials, mostly skin care but for all types of skin. January has been a really great month for me. I got to meet a lot of new people as well as receive amazing feedbacks on my articles. I’m still trying to figure out a way to update everything here. It’s in the process… I hesitate between so many things like for the design and stuff… I’ve already been looking at few very cool designs but I’m a perfectionist so I don’t want to make any mistake. I want everything to be perfect (or almost).

As usual I hope you’ll like this article if you tried any if these products, feel free to comment and tell me your opinion and stuff 😉

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December 2015 Favorites


Can’t believe 2015 is already over ! Everything has gone so quickly and 2016 is here. More and more exciting things to come for me this year but I’ll take about it in my first article of 2016.

I hope you guys had a great month and that you spent or are going to spend a wonderful Christmas with your family. My favorites are really simple but what I’ve been really loving this month are Christmas movies because I mean you can’t avoid watching those typical movies just made for Christmas can you ? But as I’m typing those words, there is”Ghost” on my TV, which if you watched it, isn’t really Christmas like.

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My 10 Favorite Nailpolishes

Aloha beautiful people ! Only wished I was in Hawaii to escape this cold. I feel like I haven’t written anything for so long but it has only been 3 days.

One of my favorite beauty item is nail polish. I just have a thing for painting my nails with colors and it’s not because I’m a girl so I naturally have this “passion”. I think nail polish can really finish an outfit and embellish it. My favorites are more colorful. It makes your hands 10 times prettier and for some reasons it can even make you look put together, of course it’s only true if you know how to apply nail polish.

At the beginning I didn’t know how to apply nail polish, I didn’t know which color looked better with my skin tone and I was so lazy to take care of my nails with a base coat and a top coat. As a consequence my nail polish only lasted for 2-3 days and my nails were disgusting.


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November 2015 Favorites


Hello lovely people ! I hope you had a wonderful and good month of November because I sort of did. November is usually my favorite month of the year because guess what ? It’s my birthday ! Yes every 24th of November I’m getting older but never mind because I feel November is the perfect month just before Christmas and New Year but still we’re still in fall with pumpkin spice latte… Ladies and gentlemen, I discovered PSL in 2015 almost 2016, yes my kind still exists. But you know what, I think I’ve tried it before but I just had a bad experience with it but now everything is fine and back to normal (it tastes amazing).

Unfortunately this year’s November was probably the saddest one for me because of the tragedy that happened in Paris. I don’t think it’s necessary to do a all post about it or constantly reminding you that because journalists and media do in a much better way. We need to move on because a lot of things happen every single day in the world and we have know love always wins. December sounds so festive !
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