L’Oréal Absolut Repair : What I Think ?


I’m always ready to exceed my budget when it comes to my hair. In fact I think that hair products is my number one beauty expense because it’s so important for me to pick the right product to have healthy hair. Of course, drugstore is the place to go for a low budget but if you are ready to pay a little more, professional’s products are what you need.

The other day, I was looking for effective hair products online and I ran into L’Oréal professional  Absolut Repair. This is a range only available for professional hairdressers. So whenever you go to your hair salon, they usually use those kind of products. Since Spring is here and I want long healthy hair for Summer, I thought it would be the perfect try.

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Benefits Of Oils

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Oils have many benefits for us. However for a long time I thought that because my skin and my hair are oily, putting oils on top would make things worse. Apparently I was SO wrong and I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one thinking that .

In fact, depending on what kind of oils you choose, it’s going to have different effect on you. Every oil has an impressive amount of vitamins and the best part is one oil can be use for different purpose so SAVE YOUR MONEY and find out which oil is best for you. Today, I decided to help you out a little by showing you what kind of oil I have and all the benefits : Continue reading “Benefits Of Oils”