Girls To Follow On Instagram


Instagram is by far one of my favorite social media platform because of the variety of communities who reunite in this one place to share their passion, their art work or simply their day to day photos. It’s became a place full of imagination where the beauty of photography have all its meaning.

Instagram and I have long story with ups and downs but at the end of the day, I’m stuck on my phone checking my feed because just like Twitter, I feel like there’s so much going there that if I miss a day, I’m missing everything. Besides, I think it’s so satisfying to look back at your own feed and see that you’ve posted great pictures with a good edit that took 5 minutes to choose but it was worth it.

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Inside My Purse


This is so me ! The other day I was shopping for my friend’s birthday present and I ran into this gorgeous bag from PARFOIShowever I wasn’t planning on buying myself something but it happened anyway. I’m obsessed guys ! When I saw it in store, I instantly fell in love. I was looking for a new bag for so long. I wanted a bag that corresponded to me, my style, simple and chic. I feel like the larger the bag is and the more I’m putting in so a shoulder bag is the perfect size, at least this one is. The main purpose I bought it was because I’m going to London at the end of June and I wanted something I could carry during this trip with all my essentials.

Talking about London, I’m so excited to finally be able to go back to one of my favorite city in the world. I’ve only been there once with my parents and I genuinely loved it ! The chic british vibe is present everywhere from the stores to the architecture. This time, I’m going with one my girlfriend for a shopping spree. Hell yeah ! We’re going to shop until we drop. But we also want to try some coffee shops, it’s kind of our tradition in Paris so we thought we’d keep going, even abroad. That’s exactly why this bag is going to become handy. Hands free to explore the city. We’re mainly going to focus on shopping and coffee shops like I said, but we also expect to visit some very cute places, like hidden streets, you know very instagram/tumblr. Loads of photos coming on my Instagram and a London recap of course ! Love those travel diaries… If you live in London or you know great places, store, coffee shops, streets to visit besides touristy places, please comment it would be so nice to help us out.

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How To Become A Street Style Pro ?

Pictures19.jpgI’m not an expert in fashion whatsoever but I’ve been looking at fashion influencers and models for a long time and they all have their own way to style and pair cloth. However, when it comes to street style, there are no specific ways to catch the eye of cameras. I promise, even if you are the worst in fashion, no need to buy a $300 shirt. Look further into this article, it’s simple and easily accessible to all. Continue reading “How To Become A Street Style Pro ?”

#PFW : La Crème De La Crème


Paris Fashion Week is over and so is fashion month. It was a blast and Paris didn’t make any exception. From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, fashonistas has given us the envie to make the fashion industry better and stronger than ever. I followed many models as well as fashion influencers/bloggers like Chiara Ferragni or Kristina Bazan on snapchat. And yes, after Instagram, Snapchat was definitely the place to be if you wanted to take a look at the magnificent runways. Social media has never been so invested in fashion. Nowadays we count so much on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… etc. to instantly pop out the new trend in the industry. If you look very closely on the front rows, everyone’s stuck on their phone trying to take the perfect picture or record the most epic 10 second video. I’m even wondering if they are not actually looking at the models through their phone screen. Maybe one day we’ll see Anna Wintour snapchatting during a show who knows…

From New-York to the other side of the Atlantic, designers offered us the beauty of textile on a silver platter, pure art. But of course fashion week in the city of light is very special to me since I live there and spend most of my free time where photographs shot their street styles. My favorite places in Paris has to be the Tuilerie Garden (“Jardin des Tuileries”). It’s such a pretty, peaceful and out of this world place. There are many pictures shot there since there is a various choice of background. I’ll probably take you guys on a tour of my beloved places in Paris. As for now, let’s take a look on some PFW recap through Instagram shall we ?

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Bikinis For Spring Break 2016


March is coming and if you are an American student you probably know what it means ? SPRINGBREAK ! Yes, finally that time of the year again. I think that besides Coachella, this is the most expected moment of this hard working year you’re spending. From Cancun to Ibiza, are you ready to live the most intense week of your life ? Time to relax, enjoy, have fun with your friends before going back to the tough reality of exams… But wait, Spring Break is meant for you to spend your day at the beach sooooooo wearing the best bikini is a must but it shall also be comfortable, sexy and resistant at the same time. The struggle is real my friend. And it’s not only one or two bikinis we’re talking about here, but low key a suitcase full of bikinis. I might have the solution right here for you but only have couple days left so you should start to worry if haven’t got anything yet.

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LFW 2016 : Blue Mania

blue mania

So far LFW has been full of pretty street styles and runways. I’m so damn excited for Paris, soon ! As for now, I’m looking for the next trend in this fashion madness and it’s so difficult because everything is goal out there. But no matter the weather, those fashionistas have all ran fashion week with success and it’s not even over, congrats !

When I was younger one of my favorite color was blue because there are so many different shades : royal blue, electric blue… Someone told me once that blue suits brunettes better so I guess I was influenced by that as well. Besides, it such a vibrant color that pops out on any outfits as we could see during London fashion week fall 2016. On all the pics I saw on Instagram and other magazines, I think that blue is the color that came back the most and surprisingly it was easily paired with anything. From dark blue to light, bring it on for this year because it’s literally everywhere.

What do you think about LFW ?

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BRIT’s Most Stylish

Brit awards

Hi guys ! Last night the Brit Awards happened and once again it was a success. I didn’t watch the show entirely but some performances that were incredible especially when there is Adele around (but girl that red carpet burgundy dress made no sense to me). However she interpreted “When We Were Young” one of her new success among all her amazing songs and she killed it as always just like Coldplay, my favorite music band in the entire world. Rihanna and Drake did them and I feel like they are the typical duo to invite if you want your the guests to have fun. But of course,there are no words to describe how moving David Bowie tribute from Lorde, Annie Lenox and Gary Oldman was. It was a great night but last year’s Brits was by far my favorite fashion wise and music wise because where there’s Justin Timberlake I am. (future husband btw)

However, I believe the highlight of the night was the red carpet moment as always if I may say. I stared and analyzed every single look from the best to the “worst” even if everyone looked stunning in their chic apparel. For some reasons, I’ve never been keen of men looks when it comes to red carpets. Women always look better and The Brit Awards 2016 was no exception. Some kept it classic and chic, others made a sexy appearance to catch the eye. Literally there was every style and all I can say is “I’m jealous”. But enough talking, can we take a look at the most stylish, stunning and sexiest people of the UK last night ? Can I put it out there that Lana Del Rey was DA BOMB ! YASSSSS

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Bracelets Love


Bracelets are the best way to finish up an outfit. I love thin and delicate pieces. I’m always looking for handmade original rare bracelets that I wouldn’t find anywhere, that’s why I’ve been going to many flea markets in Paris. There are some jewelry designers who only expose their collection to events like that. It’s a good way for them to get more clients and sell their pieces at an affordable price. But in Paris it’s not like LA where you have a flea market every Sunday. There are not many but the one that I’m going to every time is by Violette Sauvage. It’s not really “flea markets” but more clothes swapping where you can buy second hand clothes that are not sold in stores anymore. There are either luxury brands or more affordable ones however in either way the price is still very interesting if you are on a low budget. If you ever come to Paris, I strongly recommend you to pass by one of their event. Unfortunately like I said, it’s not a weekly thing but more monthly so stay tune on their website.

About the bracelets I recently got 2 from the clothes swapping organised yesterday. The first one is the baby pink transparent pearls one with a cute elephant in the center and the other one is the rose gold in an arched form with two turquoise triangle shaped stones. There are basically what I was looking for and wanted for so long. It’s really Pinterest or Tumblr. So simple and thin but at the same time original. I love the fact that the pearl bracelet makes 3 turns on my wrist so it looks 3-in-one. From the same designer, the turquoise pearl bracelet that looks similar is also something I wear on a daily basis to complete my outfit. I bought it at the December clothes swapping (I forgot to ask if they have an online store or something but I’m going to the next event and hopefully they are too).  Because I love black and dark clothes so much, colorful bracelets are always welcome.

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Stay Warm With A Coat

Winter is on its way so it’s time to get your prettiest warm coat out. It can be fuzzy, leather, velvet or trench, it is still the most stylish piece as an everyday outfit.

It’s getting so cold here in Paris and I can’t wait to buy a new coat. This year I decided to wait for sales in January or check flea markets that offer really interesting luxury pieces, so time to save some money money $_$

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3 Outfits Ideas For Christmas

Hello hello December ! What a beautiful month coming up full of joy and celebration. I’m hoping for a lot snow since it’s already so cold. However the most magical moment in Paris for me is the windows display of Galerie Lafayette and Printemps in Haussmann Boulevard (75008), every year is better and better that’s why I like to shop there for gifts.
I decided to share 3 outfits ideas to celebrate Christmas with family and friends because I thought since all the preparations are such a struggle, why not help a little ?
The first outfit is for a dressed up night pairing heels, fur and gold pieces. I like it because there is a contrast of color and texture between the baby pink furry coat, a darker top and skirt accessorized with a gold ensemble.
More fur and black, the second outfit is more relaxed but still chic with a geometric gold bracelet and a pink watch. If you’re scared to get cold well furry up your feet with my recently beloved UGG that goes with everything to make you feel like walking on clouds.
If you are more casual and want to feel comfortable, this last sneaker outfit is perfect for you. It combines red and white to remind of Santa because you actually can’t avoid it. I believe a Christmas without red is not a real Christmas but how cute is the sailor top from Comme des garçons ? I mean roll a cachemire scarf around your neck and put on a beanie to stay cozy.
Christmas exit red

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