London : Day 1


After 3 fantastic days in London I’m finally back with this very exciting article. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen many of the pictures I posted everyday. I feel like there was a lot of food but I couldn’t resist. It was too tempting.

We arrived on June 28th morning and we walked around the gigantic but still beautiful Hyde Park. We couldn’t do much as we were stuck with luggages until afternoon. After checking in, we were finally able to shop around and visit some places like Buckingham Palace but with the rainy weather it was disappointing. We managed to travel in the Tube safely and made it out every time at the right place. My first impression was “Even better than I expected”. I only had a small souvenir of London when I came 3 years ago. I think that London is one of those cities where you have to see so much more outside of downtown not like Paris.

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6 Things You Should Never Do In Paris


As a Parisian for more than 13 years, I think I’ve explored almost every bit of Paris from the touristy places to the secret ones. Paris is one of the most beautiful and attractive city, architecture wise but also cultural wise. If you plan to visit Paris soon, you won’t be disappointed (maybe by the weather). Every street is a path to another breath taking place. However, don’t be fool by the good impression everything give you. Just like other big cities around the world, you better carefully look around. just giving 5 most important reminders you need to write down before coming. It’s nothing that you don’t know already but just a little reminder…

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Travel Beauty Essentials


When it comes to traveling, packing is always the worst part. I never know what to bring, what not to, what’s necessary… On the plane or on the train, I prefer to carry my essentials so it keeps me occupied, especially on long travels.

The first thing that’s primordial for me are vitamins. I’m just one of those person who can’t sleep and then I feel so drained and tired. Vitamins keep me energized and at least a little bit awake to get to my hotel. During a travel, I watch movies, play games but by the time I’m done, I look like a mess and my skin gets dry. I’ll usually go for a hydrating mask that I leave for about 10 minutes, then I moisturize and finish by a very fresh/natural makeup.

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Follow Me In Normandy


Another article, another trip. France is one of the most beautiful country in the world in my opinion and there are so many different landscapes to explore. 2 years ago I had the pleasure to visit Normandy, a city in North-West where I got to discover a little bit more about the history of this unbelievable place. Paris is not the only city in France to visit. Going to Normandy was like being in another world. It’s so peaceful.

First, we visited a museum dedicated to the World War 2 where we got to see soldier’s armaments, fighter planes and some real footage of the landings with testimonies… It was very interesting to know what happened with people who tell their story and what they’ve been through during the war. Then we went to the Normandy American cemetery and memorial located next to Omaha Beach where we walked to after. We spent most of our time on this beautiful beach where we had amazing moments, laughed and took tonnes of pictures to remember of. One of the most incredible trip ever I wanted to share with you.

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Balearics Islands : Majorca


Traveling is my favorite hobby as you can tell and I’ve had the opportunity to visit many countries around the globe.

After Los Angeles, I decided to stop you guys in Spain and more specifically, Majorca. It is located in the East of Spain. One of the four largest islands of the Balearics and as you will tell by the pictures I took with my Nikon D3100, there are breathtaking landscapes ! The color of the water is unique and we drove through the entire island to discover all the magic of this place.

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Welcome To Paradise !

My trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was so much fun and unbelievable. It was the first for me and my parents to the Caribbean and we first got that tropical vibe at the airport when the humidity hit us at the airport when we left the most uncomfortable 11 hour-flight. We stayed in this beautiful resort with its beach and the most welcoming staff.


I mean COME ON ! The landscapes were breath-taking. I don’t have any words to describe this beautiful place. It was truly an amazing experience.

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