Guys thank you so much for sticking with me on My Purse & Me but like I wrote in my last blogpost I am no longer writing on this website anymore. If you want to read more go on where I post weekly content. Everything is different and you’ll notice it right away on the homepage. I wanted to have the possibility to be more creative and I wanted my blog to be more open and versatile. That’s exactly what I’m starting to achieve with The Chinista. It’s my new identity, it corresponds to what I like and what I’ve always wanted to share with you.

Not that I didn’t like My Purse & Me but I feel like at some point I wasn’t doing it as passionately as before. Ideas weren’t coming because I wasn’t as focused and caring of My Purse & Me which sadened me because people kept reading, liking, commenting and subscribing. I know that WordPress is a big community and almost seems like a family but my idea of MY website didn’t correspond to what started with on

It took me really long to came out with a name that I changed maybe 4 or 5 times (no joke) and even at the end I didn’t feel like keeping it. I knew the content that I wanted to post but I was stuck between four walls because, first I’m not a “geek” and I don’t know much about blogging, hosting etc and then even as good as I wanted to do with what I had the design of my blog looked maybe 45% like what I imagined and from the beginning it I think that I knew it couldn’t have worked.

I tried to figure things out and kept posting more or less frequently but it came to a point after a year of blogging where it was just not going anywhere or at least not where I wanted. I couldn’t stop with a failure and I persisted with another solution. To be honest there wasn’t a lot of possibilities. I opted for, what I think now was the best decision. Today represents me and my brand. I’m able to create, change, add and delete everything I want without restrictions. I post as schedule even if sometimes I’m just caught by school work. But if you’re still reading, it  means that you should go on now. I think it’s just cool to see the changes that I made compared to My Purse & Me. You’ll be shocked. Btw I JUST posted this blogpost about my 19th birthday presents which are pretty obvious on the picture above but still go check it out




Another Chapter… Deleting my blog ? New blog ?

Hi guys ! Long time no see and I’m back to explain you why and update you on what’s going on. So since I created My Purse & Me back in June 2015, I loved writing, taking pictures and posting articles but most importantly that I want you guys to like as well. However after a year using WordPress, I haven’t quite gotten the satisfaction level high enough for me to continue on that same road with the same equipments because it’s a big part of why I feel like something’s missing and that whole time I couldn’t figure what is was. Another reason obviously comes from me and my lack of posting which is the most annoying because, I guess, I could of managed my time better than how I did but what’s done is done. Time to move on and change things for the best.

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London : Day 1


After 3 fantastic days in London I’m finally back with this very exciting article. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen many of the pictures I posted everyday. I feel like there was a lot of food but I couldn’t resist. It was too tempting.

We arrived on June 28th morning and we walked around the gigantic but still beautiful Hyde Park. We couldn’t do much as we were stuck with luggages until afternoon. After checking in, we were finally able to shop around and visit some places like Buckingham Palace but with the rainy weather it was disappointing. We managed to travel in the Tube safely and made it out every time at the right place. My first impression was “Even better than I expected”. I only had a small souvenir of London when I came 3 years ago. I think that London is one of those cities where you have to see so much more outside of downtown not like Paris.

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Cream On Top Of Cream


Hey guys ! Long time no see… Or at least it felt like a long time. I’m so happy to finally talk about summer since June is almost over but with this crappy weather in Paris, I’m not sure what season to expect. Today is the last day of my final exams, finally over so time to celebrate. But I’ve been through so much stress during those past 7 days and not even because of my exams. In fact if you don’t follow me on Twitter (which you should), I had a tonne of technical problems that I didn’t expect but now it’s all good. However I want to improve the aesthetic of my blog some time soon, I don’t know when yet but I will definitely need someone to help me out.

Today’s article is very random but I have that shelf in my room where I keep all my beauty products and since I’ve done some cleaning, I want to show you the main products I will be using this summer while rocking a dress and my sunglasses. Of course If you follow my blog for a while, you noticed products I have already featured in many of my articles but I like to go back and forth with what I use. Sorry if sometimes it can be a little repetitive, I tried to avoid repetition as much as possible.

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Girls To Follow On Instagram


Instagram is by far one of my favorite social media platform because of the variety of communities who reunite in this one place to share their passion, their art work or simply their day to day photos. It’s became a place full of imagination where the beauty of photography have all its meaning.

Instagram and I have long story with ups and downs but at the end of the day, I’m stuck on my phone checking my feed because just like Twitter, I feel like there’s so much going there that if I miss a day, I’m missing everything. Besides, I think it’s so satisfying to look back at your own feed and see that you’ve posted great pictures with a good edit that took 5 minutes to choose but it was worth it.

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High-End Makeup Essentials Under $30

30Back on my regular posting schedule bitches ! I’ve been thinking about so many ideas of articles and stuff that I want to share with you from fashion to lifestyle… I feel like when you want to maintain a “healthy” blog, having a posting schedule is a must. As a blog reader I don’t usually think about the importance of little details when it comes to blogging but now that I’m fully into the game (at least I hope), I’m just loving it ! I have stock full of drafts waiting for me and probably 60% are about makeup .

For years, I’ve been going to Sephora and other high-end stores to buy the newest and most trendy makeup that, by the way, I couldn’t afford but it was just SO satisfying. Now, I look at the price twice and with drugstore products, I feel that high end products have been so over rated because it’s so expensive compared to drugstore, you only the packaging blablabla… As huge fan and client of drugstore makeup/skincare etc. I consider high end makeup worth the price when the quality stands out. Don’t we all want a fabulous and glowing skin ?

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My Interior Design : Industrial



When I think about my dream house, the image that automatically comes in my mind is this old factory transformed into a wide open loft. The space would be filled with industrial furniture, with either wooden floor or concrete everywhere. Often white, black and silver, I imagine lots of plants and large windows to bring the light in, it’s what I envy the most about those lofts. As for the bedroom, I could never see myself sleeping in a plane white room with white sheets and curtains so of course the bed, which is the master piece, would be full of multicolor pillows surrounded by lanterns, a very large colorful carpet to contrast the neutral floor and finally plenty of picture hanging on the wall.

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