My Ideal Bedroom


I feel like when you get your own apartment, there is so much pressure but at the same time there’s fun and excitement to make up your own place. As far as I’m concerned, the bedroom is the masterpiece, it’s the room where I would literally spend days decorating every corner just like I imagined it.

My ideal bedroom would be a cozy place with either light or pale colors and a minimalistic design. I don’t necessarily think that furniture stores are the best places to shop. I want my bedroom to look like an adorable art gallery where every piece of furniture is like a piece of art and where my bed would be the coziest place in the world. I want people to pay attention to every single detail I put in my room so when they can only think about chic and sophistication. That’s why I love to mix modern and baroque because it gives the room such a special vibe between old and design.

The theme is always such a hard decision to make but once you picture it in your head, it can easily come together in real. Don’t worry if you lack of imagination or creativity (which I’m sure you don’t). Choose the wall color and match you bed, after that everything is a like a lego game.


Photo credit from Pinterest and Bloglovin

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