Girls To Follow On Instagram


Instagram is by far one of my favorite social media platform because of the variety of communities who reunite in this one place to share their passion, their art work or simply their day to day photos. It’s became a place full of imagination where the beauty of photography have all its meaning.

Instagram and I have long story with ups and downs but at the end of the day, I’m stuck on my phone checking my feed because just like Twitter, I feel like there’s so much going there that if I miss a day, I’m missing everything. Besides, I think it’s so satisfying to look back at your own feed and see that you’ve posted great pictures with a good edit that took 5 minutes to choose but it was worth it.

@songofstyle alias Aimee Song is the chicest gal out there. She knows everything about fashion and has collaborated with prestigious companies. I follow her because she has an incredible taste when it comes to fashion and styling. All her pictures are divine and her looks are so fresh and inspiring. I love how the instagram feed looks like a magazine.

@sincerelyjules alias Julie Sarañana is a fashion blogger who seems to be so fun and cool to hang out with as she travels all around the world with her french boyfriend (another reason I follow her). She posts a bunch of lifestyle and travel pics. You should definitely follow her if you want to see more palm trees and landscapes from different countries.

@negin_mirsalehi is also a globe trotter but she posts mostly about herself her makeup, her outfit and basically her day. Her instagram like her diary where you can follow everything she’s doing. When you follow, you just want to steal her closet and her hair with it because of how perfect she is.

@garypeppergirl alias Nicole Wayne is one the most trendy fashion blogger out there. Her pics are very bright which makes you want to look at more and more pics. I follow her because I like how graphic and colorful her pictures are, it’s always so appreciable. She’s such a big inspiration and her looks are always sophisticated.

@tashaoakley alias Natasha Oakley is the aussie girl to follow if you want to stay in shape. I follow her because she has such an incredible healthy body and makes you want to work out more and stay in shape. She travels so much that I don’t even know where she lives. On Instagram she brings with you wherever she goes and let me tell, that’s a lot of places and her style is very bohemian and old school/vintage.

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