Cream On Top Of Cream


Hey guys ! Long time no see… Or at least it felt like a long time. I’m so happy to finally talk about summer since June is almost over but with this crappy weather in Paris, I’m not sure what season to expect. Today is the last day of my final exams, finally over so time to celebrate. But I’ve been through so much stress during those past 7 days and not even because of my exams. In fact if you don’t follow me on Twitter (which you should), I had a tonne of technical problems that I didn’t expect but now it’s all good. However I want to improve the aesthetic of my blog some time soon, I don’t know when yet but I will definitely need someone to help me out.

Today’s article is very random but I have that shelf in my room where I keep all my beauty products and since I’ve done some cleaning, I want to show you the main products I will be using this summer while rocking a dress and my sunglasses. Of course If you follow my blog for a while, you noticed products I have already featured in many of my articles but I like to go back and forth with what I use. Sorry if sometimes it can be a little repetitive, I tried to avoid repetition as much as possible.


The majority of my creams are from Bath&Body Works because the last I went to the US they did a huge sale and I couldn’t restrict myself, it was too tempting. Don’t blame me but I’m going to take good use of them this summer to transform my crocodile skin. After exfoliating with Yves Rocher exfoliating scrub, apply one of the Bath&Body Works cream and we’re good. What makes me those body cream more than my others is the “ultra shea” formula that moisturizes my skin for longer. The texture is thick but buildable as a little bit goes a long way. My favorite beauty quote.


Love & Shine

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