Favorite Café In Paris #1

One of my favorite hobby is, believe it or not, spend my afternoon in coffee shop or as we commonly call in France “Café”. It’s an old tradition that every good French knows and especially in Paris where you have a coffee shop in every corner. In english it’s called “coffee shop” but it’s more like a restaurant style than a Starbucks. It’s part of the french history and heritage for a long time now. No matter what we do, we always end up in a cafés talking about what’s in our minds and enjoy the day. It’s a convivial place of sharing, talking and debating. If you ever come to Paris you’re going to see that and if you’ve already had the pleasure to visit the city, of course you noticed it. However you have to be aware that not every café is friendly especially when it comes to paying because some cafés that are located in touristy areas are excessively expensive. That’s why, with one my girlfriend we decided to go on a café adventure and try out some of the cafés in Paris that offer affordable drinks in an very instagram vibe.


24 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris

It’s a coffee shop located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, in the East. It’s hidden in a quiet street near Place de la République among a bunch of co-working spaces. It’s generally very calm and perfect as a working environment. The interior is very simple, black and white. There is also a bar for 4 or 5 persons and the total space is acceptable. Not huge but not tiny either. I went during the week so the working space was very busy but I feel that even during the week-ends you need to force your way in. However, I’d say that the only negative side is the decoration that’s a little basic.

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Mixa Sensitive Comfort : What I Think ?


I don’t know about you but I’ve never been keen on deodorant because of the smell. In fact, deodorants usually STRONGLY smell flowers.

Mixa came out with this new range of deodorants with a new circle cap which makes it more comfortable. I was dying to try it because I was interested in the smell. Indeed Mixa has always been one of my favorite brand because their product smell absolutely amazing and fresh so I couldn’t be disappointed about this.

I got the first pink one with My Little Flower Box. My first impression was that it’s a very appreciable deodorant that doesn’t have a harsh smell. It smells fresh, that’s basically the only word I can say about it. It’s simple, works wonderfully and you can put a tonne without obviously showing everyone. Then I got the blue one which is with “Cold Cream”. There’s no difference whatsoever but the packaging. It smells exactly the same however I find the packaging very attractive. As for the circle cap thingy, I don’t think it changes something compared to other spray deodorant. It’s slightly less “aggressive” but no big deal.  Continue reading “Mixa Sensitive Comfort : What I Think ?”

March 2016 Favorites


We’re done with March and next coming up Spring ! I’m looking forward to smell the beautiful flowers on the trees and have the sun finally back. Those past few days have been pretty sunny and bright which, I have to admit, is incredible for Paris. Hope that it’s going to stay like that so we can start April the best way possible. Until then, I’ve been working so much this week and I haven’t really enjoyed the weather that much but I’m certainly going to have fun this week-end. Continue reading “March 2016 Favorites”

February 2016 Favorites


This month has been by far the coldest one of this year’s Winter. I’m not sure if I liked it or not actually but it was still great. In fact, it’s the holidays and as I’m eating ice cream while writing this article, I think about how time flew by. It’s summer in only 4 months ! A good resolution that I took was to tidy my room and sell all the stuff that I don’t need anymore, including beauty products. I want to have a new start, change things because in September I’m going to college… OMG I’m so excited but also really nervous. It’s not that I’m moving but university is a new chapter of my life that I’m going to start soon after the final exams. There’s a lot of pressure but everything’s going to be okay (crossing fingers).

Also, this month was hectic because of my second trimester. I can finally send my academic records to the colleges I applied to. You know when you work so hard to achieve the goal you’ve been thinking about for so long and finally all your efforts are rewarded, it’s the best feeling in the world. All the time that you spent writing, reading, creating, analyzing… It was WORTH IT !

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Bracelets Love


Bracelets are the best way to finish up an outfit. I love thin and delicate pieces. I’m always looking for handmade original rare bracelets that I wouldn’t find anywhere, that’s why I’ve been going to many flea markets in Paris. There are some jewelry designers who only expose their collection to events like that. It’s a good way for them to get more clients and sell their pieces at an affordable price. But in Paris it’s not like LA where you have a flea market every Sunday. There are not many but the one that I’m going to every time is by Violette Sauvage. It’s not really “flea markets” but more clothes swapping where you can buy second hand clothes that are not sold in stores anymore. There are either luxury brands or more affordable ones however in either way the price is still very interesting if you are on a low budget. If you ever come to Paris, I strongly recommend you to pass by one of their event. Unfortunately like I said, it’s not a weekly thing but more monthly so stay tune on their website.

About the bracelets I recently got 2 from the clothes swapping organised yesterday. The first one is the baby pink transparent pearls one with a cute elephant in the center and the other one is the rose gold in an arched form with two turquoise triangle shaped stones. There are basically what I was looking for and wanted for so long. It’s really Pinterest or Tumblr. So simple and thin but at the same time original. I love the fact that the pearl bracelet makes 3 turns on my wrist so it looks 3-in-one. From the same designer, the turquoise pearl bracelet that looks similar is also something I wear on a daily basis to complete my outfit. I bought it at the December clothes swapping (I forgot to ask if they have an online store or something but I’m going to the next event and hopefully they are too).  Because I love black and dark clothes so much, colorful bracelets are always welcome.

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You should get it…


When people want to talk about beauty I’m so down for it ! I love to learn new tips and tricks. I feel so lucky to be living in a society where you can use make up to feel better inside and out. As far as I’m concerned, it’s truly an art that needs to be taught. But you should never forget to love yourself for who you are and embrace your natural beauty.

Since I started to get into the beauty world, one of my dream was to collect as many products as I could. Now, I can definitely say I will never achieve that. My tastes and love for beauty are constantly evolving and I will probably never get satisfied. I explore and try. I discover and build my own opinion on things. Companies understand that they need to improve their products more and more everyday to keep up with trends that are constantly different. I became really picky with the products I use, especially on my face, but some brands caught my eyes not only with their packaging but with their amazing quality as well.

From Victoria’s Secret to Maybelline, today I share with you my must-haves this year ! Two products that I recently got for the winter time are two lip balms. The first one is the popular and beloved Dr. Rescue by Maybelline. It’s an amazing drugstore lip product, creamy once you apply it with a tint of mint. It’s smooth and gives the most moisturized and soft lips ever just like Burt’s Bees Mango butter lip balm. At first I was not liking the smell but the more I used it and the more I like it. Talking about moisturizing, it’s so cold here (literally Antarctica) I became a moisturize freak. Thanks to La Neige water-bank eye gel, “goodbye” puffy eyes in the early mornings. As for my body, since I don’t have that Victoria’s Secret model body goal, I’m staying with VS body cream and fragrance mist to console myself. It’s the perfect combo to smell like Summer during Winter.

As always if you any suggestions that you’d like to share, feel free to comment and help everyone out. Love you guys and enjoy xx

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New Year’s Favorites !


What is up ? First favorites of 2016 already ! Most of my favorites this month were products that I’ve already quickly talked about in previous articles. For those who follow me since the beginning you’ll probably recognize some stuff from my birthday, beauty box… You’ll see other products featured in my previous articles in other favorites to come for sure !

This month’s favorites is the typical Winter essentials, mostly skin care but for all types of skin. January has been a really great month for me. I got to meet a lot of new people as well as receive amazing feedbacks on my articles. I’m still trying to figure out a way to update everything here. It’s in the process… I hesitate between so many things like for the design and stuff… I’ve already been looking at few very cool designs but I’m a perfectionist so I don’t want to make any mistake. I want everything to be perfect (or almost).

As usual I hope you’ll like this article if you tried any if these products, feel free to comment and tell me your opinion and stuff 😉

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Eye Make Up From 2015


For some reasons I’ve never been to keen on eye make up but I’ve always collected so many products from eye shadows to mascara… Eyeliner was and still is probably my worst nightmare. Even in my nightmares applying eyeliner is a struggle. I think I really started to get into make up at age 13-14, something like that and I loved to watch tutorials on smokey eyes and how to do the perfect wing liner. But unfortunately it never worked for me since I have inexistant eyelashes as well as eyelids (sad moment). I even came to the point where mascara was a no sense.

However, I admit that a little bit of bright colors give more pop and dimension to my dark brown eyes but one again, experiencing different colors helped me to find out my match for my eye color. A

As you will tell one of my favorite eye make up is or was mascara. I like how it immediately lifts lashes and opens up your eyes and make them a little bigger. I think mascara is always part of a no make up make up look just to give dimension to your eyes after a long flight, in the car or at school. But I find very annoying that I always get mascara on my eyelids, like all the time.

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December 2015 Favorites


Can’t believe 2015 is already over ! Everything has gone so quickly and 2016 is here. More and more exciting things to come for me this year but I’ll take about it in my first article of 2016.

I hope you guys had a great month and that you spent or are going to spend a wonderful Christmas with your family. My favorites are really simple but what I’ve been really loving this month are Christmas movies because I mean you can’t avoid watching those typical movies just made for Christmas can you ? But as I’m typing those words, there is”Ghost” on my TV, which if you watched it, isn’t really Christmas like.

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My 10 Favorite Nailpolishes

Aloha beautiful people ! Only wished I was in Hawaii to escape this cold. I feel like I haven’t written anything for so long but it has only been 3 days.

One of my favorite beauty item is nail polish. I just have a thing for painting my nails with colors and it’s not because I’m a girl so I naturally have this “passion”. I think nail polish can really finish an outfit and embellish it. My favorites are more colorful. It makes your hands 10 times prettier and for some reasons it can even make you look put together, of course it’s only true if you know how to apply nail polish.

At the beginning I didn’t know how to apply nail polish, I didn’t know which color looked better with my skin tone and I was so lazy to take care of my nails with a base coat and a top coat. As a consequence my nail polish only lasted for 2-3 days and my nails were disgusting.


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