6 Things You Should Never Do In Paris


As a Parisian for more than 13 years, I think I’ve explored almost every bit of Paris from the touristy places to the secret ones. Paris is one of the most beautiful and attractive city, architecture wise but also cultural wise. If you plan to visit Paris soon, you won’t be disappointed (maybe by the weather). Every street is a path to another breath taking place. However, don’t be fool by the good impression everything give you. Just like other big cities around the world, you better carefully look around. just giving 5 most important reminders you need to write down before coming. It’s nothing that you don’t know already but just a little reminder…

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Favorite Café In Paris #1

One of my favorite hobby is, believe it or not, spend my afternoon in coffee shop or as we commonly call in France “Café”. It’s an old tradition that every good French knows and especially in Paris where you have a coffee shop in every corner. In english it’s called “coffee shop” but it’s more like a restaurant style than a Starbucks. It’s part of the french history and heritage for a long time now. No matter what we do, we always end up in a cafés talking about what’s in our minds and enjoy the day. It’s a convivial place of sharing, talking and debating. If you ever come to Paris you’re going to see that and if you’ve already had the pleasure to visit the city, of course you noticed it. However you have to be aware that not every café is friendly especially when it comes to paying because some cafés that are located in touristy areas are excessively expensive. That’s why, with one my girlfriend we decided to go on a café adventure and try out some of the cafés in Paris that offer affordable drinks in an very instagram vibe.


24 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris

It’s a coffee shop located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, in the East. It’s hidden in a quiet street near Place de la République among a bunch of co-working spaces. It’s generally very calm and perfect as a working environment. The interior is very simple, black and white. There is also a bar for 4 or 5 persons and the total space is acceptable. Not huge but not tiny either. I went during the week so the working space was very busy but I feel that even during the week-ends you need to force your way in. However, I’d say that the only negative side is the decoration that’s a little basic.

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Spring Colors Are Back !


Spring is by far one of my favorite season because flower trees get their color back under the shining sun, but still, it doesn’t get too warm outside. In Paris, I appreciate the rare moments when I can sit down on a terrace and chill with my sunglasses. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do that as much those past few days, since the weather is a little sad and the temperature closer of Fall. However it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy this season ! On the contrary, my favorite way to forget this weird weather that I’ve been used my whole life (Parisian life tho) is by painting my nails.

Indeed I have this weird obsession to match my nails to the seasons. I guess there aren’t any official Spring colors but I always pick those I think could match. Don’t worry I’m not going crazy with pink which I think suits my nails better during Summer. Of course some colors could also be worn during other seasons, but when I go into my nail polish collection, the colors I’m showing you are those I instantly pick out.

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#PFW : La Crème De La Crème


Paris Fashion Week is over and so is fashion month. It was a blast and Paris didn’t make any exception. From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, fashonistas has given us the envie to make the fashion industry better and stronger than ever. I followed many models as well as fashion influencers/bloggers like Chiara Ferragni or Kristina Bazan on snapchat. And yes, after Instagram, Snapchat was definitely the place to be if you wanted to take a look at the magnificent runways. Social media has never been so invested in fashion. Nowadays we count so much on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… etc. to instantly pop out the new trend in the industry. If you look very closely on the front rows, everyone’s stuck on their phone trying to take the perfect picture or record the most epic 10 second video. I’m even wondering if they are not actually looking at the models through their phone screen. Maybe one day we’ll see Anna Wintour snapchatting during a show who knows…

From New-York to the other side of the Atlantic, designers offered us the beauty of textile on a silver platter, pure art. But of course fashion week in the city of light is very special to me since I live there and spend most of my free time where photographs shot their street styles. My favorite places in Paris has to be the Tuilerie Garden (“Jardin des Tuileries”). It’s such a pretty, peaceful and out of this world place. There are many pictures shot there since there is a various choice of background. I’ll probably take you guys on a tour of my beloved places in Paris. As for now, let’s take a look on some PFW recap through Instagram shall we ?

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My Instagram Week #5


Those past two weeks have gone so fast and it’s already back to school time for me. During those two weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about future articles and I went to few places to help me out… On my instagram there’re couple of previews, so guess what’s coming and you’ll see the answer in couple of weeks. And yes I know I post a lot of food pics but when you’re a food lover like me, I can’t help it.

Wherever you live I hope you had a great week, a beautiful weather since it literally snowed in Paris I’m not kidding. But the thing is it didn’t even snow enough to actually see it in the streets, 10 minutes of big snowflakes and then done wtf ? It’s not fair ! Everyone went crazy on snapchat with this weird weather… And talking about snapchat, I’m wondering what were we doing before the filters. It changed the entire game, like now you can’t go though your snapchat feed without seeing someone with a filter on. It’s so funny tho. Anway don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more and yes I’m trying a new way of editing, what do you think ? Continue reading “My Instagram Week #5”

MyLittleMagiqueBox – December 2015

December box has finally arrived ! I was waiting for it impatiently for 2 weeks and finally I get to share with you the little treasures inside… As always, the design by  Kanako is absolutely stunning with a festive theme that reminds of New Year’s eve coming up. It looks clean and chic with the white background, everything I enjoy. My Little Magique (Magic) Box was nicely waiting for me on my desk and once I opened it, it was like having an early Christmas gift a week before Christmas.

Now I’m just going to let you guys discover all the things inside. As usual there is a (muy pretty) MyLittleBeauty item with the MyLittleWorld magazine. I haven’t had the time to go through it yet but I’m sure there is a bunch of interesting tips and gift ideas.

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Stay Warm With A Coat

Winter is on its way so it’s time to get your prettiest warm coat out. It can be fuzzy, leather, velvet or trench, it is still the most stylish piece as an everyday outfit.

It’s getting so cold here in Paris and I can’t wait to buy a new coat. This year I decided to wait for sales in January or check flea markets that offer really interesting luxury pieces, so time to save some money money $_$

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Bonjour !

Arc de Triomphe
View of Paris from the Centre Pompidou
Centre Pompidou at night (75004 Paris)

Here it is ! My first post… It’s so exciting ! I didn’t really know what to post. For about 30 minutes I was trying to make everything perfect even if there is nothing such as perfection. But still, I’m not confident about my blog. Of course I’ll make it look better after. However writing is not my biggest quality and I’m trying to improve thanks to this blog so don’t mind if I go a little bit crazy haha !
I live in beautiful Paris, France (actually I live in the parisian suburb but who cares) for about 11 years now. I was born in a big town in China, popular for its beer but even if I tell you the name of the city it’ll be chinese so let’s move on. I moved in Paris when I was 6. Oh My God I didn’t know a single word in french when I arrived it was a nightmare at school. Of course now, french is my native language and I’m proud. France is such a beautiful country and Paris, the best city. Walking threw the Champs-Élysées is always a pleasure but I believe that the best thing is to sit in a cafe during a sunny day with friends, that is what really makes Paris so magical.

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A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life – Thomas Jefferson

xx Cindy