#PFW : La Crème De La Crème


Paris Fashion Week is over and so is fashion month. It was a blast and Paris didn’t make any exception. From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, fashonistas has given us the envie to make the fashion industry better and stronger than ever. I followed many models as well as fashion influencers/bloggers like Chiara Ferragni or Kristina Bazan on snapchat. And yes, after Instagram, Snapchat was definitely the place to be if you wanted to take a look at the magnificent runways. Social media has never been so invested in fashion. Nowadays we count so much on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… etc. to instantly pop out the new trend in the industry. If you look very closely on the front rows, everyone’s stuck on their phone trying to take the perfect picture or record the most epic 10 second video. I’m even wondering if they are not actually looking at the models through their phone screen. Maybe one day we’ll see Anna Wintour snapchatting during a show who knows…

From New-York to the other side of the Atlantic, designers offered us the beauty of textile on a silver platter, pure art. But of course fashion week in the city of light is very special to me since I live there and spend most of my free time where photographs shot their street styles. My favorite places in Paris has to be the Tuilerie Garden (“Jardin des Tuileries”). It’s such a pretty, peaceful and out of this world place. There are many pictures shot there since there is a various choice of background. I’ll probably take you guys on a tour of my beloved places in Paris. As for now, let’s take a look on some PFW recap through Instagram shall we ?

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LFW 2016 : Blue Mania

blue mania

So far LFW has been full of pretty street styles and runways. I’m so damn excited for Paris, soon ! As for now, I’m looking for the next trend in this fashion madness and it’s so difficult because everything is goal out there. But no matter the weather, those fashionistas have all ran fashion week with success and it’s not even over, congrats !

When I was younger one of my favorite color was blue because there are so many different shades : royal blue, electric blue… Someone told me once that blue suits brunettes better so I guess I was influenced by that as well. Besides, it such a vibrant color that pops out on any outfits as we could see during London fashion week fall 2016. On all the pics I saw on Instagram and other magazines, I think that blue is the color that came back the most and surprisingly it was easily paired with anything. From dark blue to light, bring it on for this year because it’s literally everywhere.

What do you think about LFW ?

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My top street style blogger


1. Le 21ème – Adam Katz Sinding

Warning : his blog is “NOT a Street Style blog” 😉

Having these large size pictures make the outfits even prettier. I was looking for a street style blog a while ago and I first discovered his work on Instagram. I immediately clicked on follow and went check out his blog. He is such a talented person and I absolutely enjoy every single one of his post. Definitely a photographer to follow.

2. The Outsider – Diego Zuko

His tumblr is to die for ! The design of his blog is a pleasure for the eyes just like the street styles. If you are a fashion addict (like me) you will find your treasure, for sure. The outfits can be from the most simple to the most sophisticated ones.

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Best street styles #PFW

Continuing with #PFW, after my favorite looks from the catwalk here are some of the best (in my opinion) street style during this week of fashion sense.

Images source :
Images source : Diego Zuko

If you’re lacking of idea on what to wear, street style is for me one of the best inspiration. Of course some are crazy and impossible to wear in public on a daily basis if it’s not fashion week (or carnaval jk).

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My favorite looks PFW’15

Récemment mis à jour
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Fashion is synonym of mystery, luxuary, comfort and self-confidence. Indeed, it isn’t a privileged world as some might think. On the contrary it should be a world of liberty where expresssing yourself is the only rule.

It’s been an amazing week full of style and originality… Here in Paris, it’s the end of fashion week but before, here are some of my favorite outfits !

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Get the look : Sara Sampaio

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This is the look Sara Sampaio (aka Victoria’s Secrets Angel) was rocking last year at NYFW exiting Jeremy Scott. I’m absolutely in love with the red touch that brings the jacket. Her look is so casual with the ripped jeans but the heels remind that it’s still fashion week. I think it’s the perfect combo for an everyday outfit.

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