My Interior Design : Industrial



When I think about my dream house, the image that automatically comes in my mind is this old factory transformed into a wide open loft. The space would be filled with industrial furniture, with either wooden floor or concrete everywhere. Often white, black and silver, I imagine lots of plants and large windows to bring the light in, it’s what I envy the most about those lofts. As for the bedroom, I could never see myself sleeping in a plane white room with white sheets and curtains so of course the bed, which is the master piece, would be full of multicolor pillows surrounded by lanterns, a very large colorful carpet to contrast the neutral floor and finally plenty of picture hanging on the wall.

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Interior Design : New In My Purse


After a week off studying and concentrating on myself, I’m back with a completely different topic : Interior design. I always had this passion for creating and decorating but more than that, putting together and matching different furniture, color, pattern is fascinating to me.

In my early days in high school, never have I thought that one day I would create a blog to share my likes and dislikes to unknown people only thanks to my laptop. Never have I thought that I would grow such a big passion for writing and creating contents, montages… It helped me to figure out my way to university even if I chose business, which is another passion of mine. I believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to develop your thoughts into realities because sometimes, even the smallest ideas can make the biggest hits.

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