MyLittleFlowerBox – April 2016

flower.jpgHi people ! Did you miss me ? Because I did ! It’s been soooo freakin long since I’ve last written on this blog. For days and days I was thinking about articles but I couldn’t find anything original. I was bored to always publish the same things over and over but at the same time, when I wasn’t writing it made sad. This blog is a place where I can share my passion for fashion and beauty but also other stuff like baking for example. When I don’t write, I miss something. It has become my full time hobby just like people who practise sport, I write.

For the past 2 weeks, I was stuck between exams, school but also  driving test (that I misse btw). However, I can’t stay away from what I truly love to do. This is, I believe, my second article of April and not going to lie, it’s weird to be back. It’s not like I was gone for months, but it feels just like I did.

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MyLittleBubbleBox – March 2016


Never late, March box arrived just in time for another article. I’m sorry for being such a bad blogger. I couldn’t post as much as I wanted so my posting schedules went a little wrong but I’m going to figure that out for sure !

But hey, you’re here to know a little more about this month’s box and what it contains. First the packaging of course is so cute : this light pink fading into a baby blue is well chosen when the theme is bubble gum. Talking about the theme, I’m not really sure about that choice. Since February was fashion month, I expected more a fashion related theme than bubble gum so I was a disappointed. Then inside the box were hidden blue and pink objects (it’s all about the details). My 2 favorite are the beauty blender and the “Bubble Blush”. Believe it or not, I’ve never had or tried a beauty blender ever… I know like what ? But I guess, I never really needed one so I have a good excuse, don’t judge me. Of course, it’s a life changer but since I don’t use foundation or BB creams anymore I don’t know when I’m going to use it.

As for the blush, it’s like the Benetint by Benefit that you can use as a blush or on your lips. The only difference is certainly the color that’s definitely more purple than Benetint. The color is even stronger than on the images  and it blends pretty well for a cheap version of Benetint. It’s very interesting because it has 2 funtions and the finish is natural. Now I’m so happy because I don’t have to spend 35€ on a tiny bottle… Can we talk about this ridiculous price please ? Overall, this month’s is not my favorite box because it’s pretty basic except for those two items and also the Givenchy mascara. I had better boxes before so we’ll see next month what our last box has for us.

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MyLittleHomeBox – February 2016


Hello hello ! I’ve been a little busy those past few days so that’s why I wasn’t able to keep up with my posting schedule. I was focused on the aesthetic of the blog more than anything else. I changed the header many times because I’m still trying to figure out the final and (almost) perfect header for My Purse & Me. I’m struggling because I don’t have a lot of computer skills and I don’t know many softwares to personalize my header a little bit more to make it the way I want. If you have any suggestions to help me out, PLEASE leave a comment of any good website for bloggers, that’d be so nice ! As for now, if you didn’t notice yet, I upgraded the link to like that it’s easier to search and of course it’s another step forward into the developpement of my baby. It means so much to me, like it’s ridiculous.

Today I’m bringing you one of my readers favorite article. I feel that every month it’s another success and I’m so glad that you guys like it. And yes I’m talking about my monthly article about my beauty/lifestyle box. Unfortunately the subscription is coming to its end in April noooooooo ! Yet, I don’t know if I’m going to subscribe for another 6 months because I have other priorities money wise but who knows, I’m a very indecisive person, don’t even ask my friends…

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MyLittleWishbox – January 2016


Here we go again ! It’s that time of the month… At the beginning, I didn’t think to do an article every month but every time I’m just too impatient to share it with you ! So this month MyLittleBox celebrates the new year and as usual I was very excited when I saw this pretty box on my desk. But a funny story that happen every month, around the 14th or 15th just before entering my house I think about that box and it ‘s just like I know it is here waiting for me. It happened again today ! It’s weird but when you’ll get to know me better you’ll come to realize that “weird” is probably the most efficient to describe me (sorry not sorry).

But back to the content of this January 2016 box, I was so pleased to see this beautifully designed diary/notebook where I decided to schedule my future articles. I couldn’t start this year better than being organized so thank you MyLittleBox for that. In the little bag, we got a a night cream, a shower scrub as well as a lip balm. But by far what I appreciated the most is the teatox. OMG ! You guys don’t know for how long I was looking for a detox plan. Besides everyone’s talking about teatox since it’s the new trend promoted by everybody on social media. I wished someone could invent a way for you to smell the products because those tea bags are DA BOMB ! I haven’t tried them yet, but it smells incredibly good. Very fruity and strong (I’m bad at describing scents) but I enjoy it. Not sure everyone does.

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MyLittleMagiqueBox – December 2015

December box has finally arrived ! I was waiting for it impatiently for 2 weeks and finally I get to share with you the little treasures inside… As always, the design by  Kanako is absolutely stunning with a festive theme that reminds of New Year’s eve coming up. It looks clean and chic with the white background, everything I enjoy. My Little Magique (Magic) Box was nicely waiting for me on my desk and once I opened it, it was like having an early Christmas gift a week before Christmas.

Now I’m just going to let you guys discover all the things inside. As usual there is a (muy pretty) MyLittleBeauty item with the MyLittleWorld magazine. I haven’t had the time to go through it yet but I’m sure there is a bunch of interesting tips and gift ideas.

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MyLittleSweetBox – November 2015

Hi world ! I was impatiently waiting for this month’s box to arrive… Finally it’s here ! For my birthday, my mom subscribed for 6 months of MyLittleBox (100€ = 107$) which is a monthly box by MyLittleParis .

It’s the first time I try a monthly box subscription so when I chose the box, I read a lot of reviews on other blogs and watched some YouTube videos as well. For a long time I hesitated between Birchbox and MyLittleBox but what made me tilt the balance in favor of the french company was that it doesn’t only propose beauty products but fashion and other customized objects as well as a magazine. Besides, I am more interested in MyLittleBox’s sponsored brands than any other boxes which got me really excited to discover new company’s products. Continue reading “MyLittleSweetBox – November 2015”