MyLittleBubbleBox – March 2016


Never late, March box arrived just in time for another article. I’m sorry for being such a bad blogger. I couldn’t post as much as I wanted so my posting schedules went a little wrong but I’m going to figure that out for sure !

But hey, you’re here to know a little more about this month’s box and what it contains. First the packaging of course is so cute : this light pink fading into a baby blue is well chosen when the theme is bubble gum. Talking about the theme, I’m not really sure about that choice. Since February was fashion month, I expected more a fashion related theme than bubble gum so I was a disappointed. Then inside the box were hidden blue and pink objects (it’s all about the details). My 2 favorite are the beauty blender and the “Bubble Blush”. Believe it or not, I’ve never had or tried a beauty blender ever… I know like what ? But I guess, I never really needed one so I have a good excuse, don’t judge me. Of course, it’s a life changer but since I don’t use foundation or BB creams anymore I don’t know when I’m going to use it.

As for the blush, it’s like the Benetint by Benefit that you can use as a blush or on your lips. The only difference is certainly the color that’s definitely more purple than Benetint. The color is even stronger than on the images  and it blends pretty well for a cheap version of Benetint. It’s very interesting because it has 2 funtions and the finish is natural. Now I’m so happy because I don’t have to spend 35€ on a tiny bottle… Can we talk about this ridiculous price please ? Overall, this month’s is not my favorite box because it’s pretty basic except for those two items and also the Givenchy mascara. I had better boxes before so we’ll see next month what our last box has for us.

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3 Affordable NYFW Makeup Looks

make up2.jpg

Fashion weeks are always my favorite moments of the year especially when it’s cold and grey outside, having those stunning apparels shown is kind of comforting. I watch all the runways to see the coming trends for next season but street style looks are my favorite part. Most of the time, I get my ootd inspirations from street styles and what’s better than fashion week’s ?  But enough of fashion talk because fashion weeks also reunite a bunch of talented makeup artists who sublimate the models with their work. I always pay attention to the makeup because it’s 50% of the runway. Every makeup looks different on models depending on their features. With time, I’ve came to realize that the go-to idea is “the less the better”. Even if there are still crazy incredible looks, a lot of designers have started to settle down with a more everyday look or at least wearable for the common run of people… Thank you ! This new trend also reflects on the style we can see in the streets of New-York, Paris or Milan. A simple white tee-shirt can make a great look paired with original accessories, that’s also another reason why I appreciate nowadays fashion so much. So far so good and after London, I can’t wait for fashion influencers to land in Paris. As always we’ll welcome them with a warm hug and a baguette…heartI’ve selected three of my faves makeup looks among that, one natural to wear everyday thanks to its simplicity, and two other night looks that we can all recreate at home if it’s one of those fancy days. I looked for affordable / drugstore products because makeup artists use that as well anyway. Models skin always look flawless, sometimes it’s foundation but it’s mostly thanks to a healthy lifestyle, a good skin care routine + a good moisturizer.

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February 2016 Favorites


This month has been by far the coldest one of this year’s Winter. I’m not sure if I liked it or not actually but it was still great. In fact, it’s the holidays and as I’m eating ice cream while writing this article, I think about how time flew by. It’s summer in only 4 months ! A good resolution that I took was to tidy my room and sell all the stuff that I don’t need anymore, including beauty products. I want to have a new start, change things because in September I’m going to college… OMG I’m so excited but also really nervous. It’s not that I’m moving but university is a new chapter of my life that I’m going to start soon after the final exams. There’s a lot of pressure but everything’s going to be okay (crossing fingers).

Also, this month was hectic because of my second trimester. I can finally send my academic records to the colleges I applied to. You know when you work so hard to achieve the goal you’ve been thinking about for so long and finally all your efforts are rewarded, it’s the best feeling in the world. All the time that you spent writing, reading, creating, analyzing… It was WORTH IT !

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Let’s Take A Look…


…Into my make up bag ! I did an article about my make up a while ago but I didn’t like how it turned out so I decided to do a proper one this time. As you will see I like to keep it full with everything I need even tho I don’t wear make up at all. This huge bag is so handy when it comes to traveling, it has 2 little pockets inside where I keep my big powders so I can grab it more easily. Obviously I don’t need everything that’s in there, but I don’t like to look for something neither so the best solution was to put as many things as possible. I know it seems a lot and it is but I feel that I’m pretty organized for some reasons 😉

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You should get it…


When people want to talk about beauty I’m so down for it ! I love to learn new tips and tricks. I feel so lucky to be living in a society where you can use make up to feel better inside and out. As far as I’m concerned, it’s truly an art that needs to be taught. But you should never forget to love yourself for who you are and embrace your natural beauty.

Since I started to get into the beauty world, one of my dream was to collect as many products as I could. Now, I can definitely say I will never achieve that. My tastes and love for beauty are constantly evolving and I will probably never get satisfied. I explore and try. I discover and build my own opinion on things. Companies understand that they need to improve their products more and more everyday to keep up with trends that are constantly different. I became really picky with the products I use, especially on my face, but some brands caught my eyes not only with their packaging but with their amazing quality as well.

From Victoria’s Secret to Maybelline, today I share with you my must-haves this year ! Two products that I recently got for the winter time are two lip balms. The first one is the popular and beloved Dr. Rescue by Maybelline. It’s an amazing drugstore lip product, creamy once you apply it with a tint of mint. It’s smooth and gives the most moisturized and soft lips ever just like Burt’s Bees Mango butter lip balm. At first I was not liking the smell but the more I used it and the more I like it. Talking about moisturizing, it’s so cold here (literally Antarctica) I became a moisturize freak. Thanks to La Neige water-bank eye gel, “goodbye” puffy eyes in the early mornings. As for my body, since I don’t have that Victoria’s Secret model body goal, I’m staying with VS body cream and fragrance mist to console myself. It’s the perfect combo to smell like Summer during Winter.

As always if you any suggestions that you’d like to share, feel free to comment and help everyone out. Love you guys and enjoy xx

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Face Make Up From 2015


Make up and I have a long story. But long story short, for years I’ve experienced many products. Starting from tinted cream for light natural coverage to foundations for more finish looks, I built up my opinion about what I liked and didn’t in 2015 and I’m excited to share this with you people.

What I figured out after using so many face make up is that matching perfectly my skin tone is almost impossible and every time I struggle for at least 30 minutes in the make up section. I rarely mixed two foundations together but maybe I should of. However, I think the only foundation that matches me close from perfection is L’Oreal  Eau de Teint (Pure Beige) that I didn’t feature in this article but it’s a really amazing foundation that I used the all summer because the liquidy texture feels like I don’t have anything. Something I definitely recommend for a “no make up” make up look.

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