High-End Makeup Essentials Under $30

30Back on my regular posting schedule bitches ! I’ve been thinking about so many ideas of articles and stuff that I want to share with you from fashion to lifestyle… I feel like when you want to maintain a “healthy” blog, having a posting schedule is a must. As a blog reader I don’t usually think about the importance of little details when it comes to blogging but now that I’m fully into the game (at least I hope), I’m just loving it ! I have stock full of drafts waiting for me and probably 60% are about makeup .

For years, I’ve been going to Sephora and other high-end stores to buy the newest and most trendy makeup that, by the way, I couldn’t afford but it was just SO satisfying. Now, I look at the price twice and with drugstore products, I feel that high end products have been so over rated because it’s so expensive compared to drugstore, you only the packaging blablabla… As huge fan and client of drugstore makeup/skincare etc. I consider high end makeup worth the price when the quality stands out. Don’t we all want a fabulous and glowing skin ?

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Face Make Up From 2015


Make up and I have a long story. But long story short, for years I’ve experienced many products. Starting from tinted cream for light natural coverage to foundations for more finish looks, I built up my opinion about what I liked and didn’t in 2015 and I’m excited to share this with you people.

What I figured out after using so many face make up is that matching perfectly my skin tone is almost impossible and every time I struggle for at least 30 minutes in the make up section. I rarely mixed two foundations together but maybe I should of. However, I think the only foundation that matches me close from perfection is L’Oreal  Eau de Teint (Pure Beige) that I didn’t feature in this article but it’s a really amazing foundation that I used the all summer because the liquidy texture feels like I don’t have anything. Something I definitely recommend for a “no make up” make up look.

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