Another Chapter… Deleting my blog ? New blog ?

Hi guys ! Long time no see and I’m back to explain you why and update you on what’s going on. So since I created My Purse & Me back in June 2015, I loved writing, taking pictures and posting articles but most importantly that I want you guys to like as well. However after a year using WordPress, I haven’t quite gotten the satisfaction level high enough for me to continue on that same road with the same equipments because it’s a big part of why I feel like something’s missing and that whole time I couldn’t figure what is was. Another reason obviously comes from me and my lack of posting which is the most annoying because, I guess, I could of managed my time better than how I did but what’s done is done. Time to move on and change things for the best.

I don’t want to make this article too long and boring but I can’t explain everything in a long story short version. During a year, my passion for my blog and writing has increased every day. It allowed me to express and share my love for fashion, beauty etc. Nonetheless, I had many issues working with which is where I started all. I thought because WordPress was where everyone started their blog and then did something amazing with it I’m going to do the same and expect the same results just with different articles. Well, lucky me it’s exactly the opposite that happened. On I felt restrained to create the content I wanted on a website that I couldn’t  even personnalize without spending too much. I tried to act like a professional blogger who knows everything (irony) by switching to but I got lost on my way and so many problems happened, you can’t even imagine. On top of that, I’m a perfectionist so when something I planned doesn’t work out the way I expected it I become anxious and start panicking because it’s NOT perfect.

When all of that happened, it’s when I realized that I was making such a big deal of my blog when originally, I just wanted it to be a place where I could express myself and “chill”. It got to me that maybe I did something wrong. I wanted my blog to reflect my personality, who I am but it wasn’t the case or at least not fully. My Purse & Me was kind of like a draft of what I really wanted it to be. That’s why  I decided to create another blog which also means that I’m stopping any activity on which will no longer be my blog. However the site will still be accessible to make sure everyone following my journey know where I will be next with this last article. New chapter for me with a new blog on a new platform that I already love way more than WordPress (no offense to anyone using WordPress, it’s still a great blogging platform). I’ve been working on this new site for days now and I’m so excited for you guys to see it. It’s totally ME ! A whole different design, more stylish, more professional (because I’m a perfectionist). It allows me to create quality content.

Thank you for all the amazing people who have been following me here but this place wasn’t for me. Follow my new blog that has a totally different name because it was necessary for me to change EVERYTHING.

Disclaimer : Because I still want to keep the content I posted on My Puse & Me, I will be re-uploading articles I posted to the new blog. Therefore my full London trip article is on my new blog.


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