Guys thank you so much for sticking with me on My Purse & Me but like I wrote in my last blogpost I am no longer writing on this website anymore. If you want to read more go on where I post weekly content. Everything is different and you’ll notice it right away on the homepage. I wanted to have the possibility to be more creative and I wanted my blog to be more open and versatile. That’s exactly what I’m starting to achieve with The Chinista. It’s my new identity, it corresponds to what I like and what I’ve always wanted to share with you.

Not that I didn’t like My Purse & Me but I feel like at some point I wasn’t doing it as passionately as before. Ideas weren’t coming because I wasn’t as focused and caring of My Purse & Me which sadened me because people kept reading, liking, commenting and subscribing. I know that WordPress is a big community and almost seems like a family but my idea of MY website didn’t correspond to what started with on

It took me really long to came out with a name that I changed maybe 4 or 5 times (no joke) and even at the end I didn’t feel like keeping it. I knew the content that I wanted to post but I was stuck between four walls because, first I’m not a “geek” and I don’t know much about blogging, hosting etc and then even as good as I wanted to do with what I had the design of my blog looked maybe 45% like what I imagined and from the beginning it I think that I knew it couldn’t have worked.

I tried to figure things out and kept posting more or less frequently but it came to a point after a year of blogging where it was just not going anywhere or at least not where I wanted. I couldn’t stop with a failure and I persisted with another solution. To be honest there wasn’t a lot of possibilities. I opted for, what I think now was the best decision. Today represents me and my brand. I’m able to create, change, add and delete everything I want without restrictions. I post as schedule even if sometimes I’m just caught by school work. But if you’re still reading, it  means that you should go on now. I think it’s just cool to see the changes that I made compared to My Purse & Me. You’ll be shocked. Btw I JUST posted this blogpost about my 19th birthday presents which are pretty obvious on the picture above but still go check it out



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