6 Things You Should Never Do In Paris


As a Parisian for more than 13 years, I think I’ve explored almost every bit of Paris from the touristy places to the secret ones. Paris is one of the most beautiful and attractive city, architecture wise but also cultural wise. If you plan to visit Paris soon, you won’t be disappointed (maybe by the weather). Every street is a path to another breath taking place. However, don’t be fool by the good impression everything give you. Just like other big cities around the world, you better carefully look around. just giving 5 most important reminders you need to write down before coming. It’s nothing that you don’t know already but just a little reminder…

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Favorite Café In Paris #1

One of my favorite hobby is, believe it or not, spend my afternoon in coffee shop or as we commonly call in France “Café”. It’s an old tradition that every good French knows and especially in Paris where you have a coffee shop in every corner. In english it’s called “coffee shop” but it’s more like a restaurant style than a Starbucks. It’s part of the french history and heritage for a long time now. No matter what we do, we always end up in a cafés talking about what’s in our minds and enjoy the day. It’s a convivial place of sharing, talking and debating. If you ever come to Paris you’re going to see that and if you’ve already had the pleasure to visit the city, of course you noticed it. However you have to be aware that not every café is friendly especially when it comes to paying because some cafés that are located in touristy areas are excessively expensive. That’s why, with one my girlfriend we decided to go on a café adventure and try out some of the cafés in Paris that offer affordable drinks in an very instagram vibe.


24 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris

It’s a coffee shop located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, in the East. It’s hidden in a quiet street near Place de la République among a bunch of co-working spaces. It’s generally very calm and perfect as a working environment. The interior is very simple, black and white. There is also a bar for 4 or 5 persons and the total space is acceptable. Not huge but not tiny either. I went during the week so the working space was very busy but I feel that even during the week-ends you need to force your way in. However, I’d say that the only negative side is the decoration that’s a little basic.

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Interior Design : New In My Purse


After a week off studying and concentrating on myself, I’m back with a completely different topic : Interior design. I always had this passion for creating and decorating but more than that, putting together and matching different furniture, color, pattern is fascinating to me.

In my early days in high school, never have I thought that one day I would create a blog to share my likes and dislikes to unknown people only thanks to my laptop. Never have I thought that I would grow such a big passion for writing and creating contents, montages… It helped me to figure out my way to university even if I chose business, which is another passion of mine. I believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to develop your thoughts into realities because sometimes, even the smallest ideas can make the biggest hits.

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Travel Beauty Essentials


When it comes to traveling, packing is always the worst part. I never know what to bring, what not to, what’s necessary… On the plane or on the train, I prefer to carry my essentials so it keeps me occupied, especially on long travels.

The first thing that’s primordial for me are vitamins. I’m just one of those person who can’t sleep and then I feel so drained and tired. Vitamins keep me energized and at least a little bit awake to get to my hotel. During a travel, I watch movies, play games but by the time I’m done, I look like a mess and my skin gets dry. I’ll usually go for a hydrating mask that I leave for about 10 minutes, then I moisturize and finish by a very fresh/natural makeup.

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Inside My Purse


This is so me ! The other day I was shopping for my friend’s birthday present and I ran into this gorgeous bag from PARFOIShowever I wasn’t planning on buying myself something but it happened anyway. I’m obsessed guys ! When I saw it in store, I instantly fell in love. I was looking for a new bag for so long. I wanted a bag that corresponded to me, my style, simple and chic. I feel like the larger the bag is and the more I’m putting in so a shoulder bag is the perfect size, at least this one is. The main purpose I bought it was because I’m going to London at the end of June and I wanted something I could carry during this trip with all my essentials.

Talking about London, I’m so excited to finally be able to go back to one of my favorite city in the world. I’ve only been there once with my parents and I genuinely loved it ! The chic british vibe is present everywhere from the stores to the architecture. This time, I’m going with one my girlfriend for a shopping spree. Hell yeah ! We’re going to shop until we drop. But we also want to try some coffee shops, it’s kind of our tradition in Paris so we thought we’d keep going, even abroad. That’s exactly why this bag is going to become handy. Hands free to explore the city. We’re mainly going to focus on shopping and coffee shops like I said, but we also expect to visit some very cute places, like hidden streets, you know very instagram/tumblr. Loads of photos coming on my Instagram and a London recap of course ! Love those travel diaries… If you live in London or you know great places, store, coffee shops, streets to visit besides touristy places, please comment it would be so nice to help us out.

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Mixa Sensitive Comfort : What I Think ?


I don’t know about you but I’ve never been keen on deodorant because of the smell. In fact, deodorants usually STRONGLY smell flowers.

Mixa came out with this new range of deodorants with a new circle cap which makes it more comfortable. I was dying to try it because I was interested in the smell. Indeed Mixa has always been one of my favorite brand because their product smell absolutely amazing and fresh so I couldn’t be disappointed about this.

I got the first pink one with My Little Flower Box. My first impression was that it’s a very appreciable deodorant that doesn’t have a harsh smell. It smells fresh, that’s basically the only word I can say about it. It’s simple, works wonderfully and you can put a tonne without obviously showing everyone. Then I got the blue one which is with “Cold Cream”. There’s no difference whatsoever but the packaging. It smells exactly the same however I find the packaging very attractive. As for the circle cap thingy, I don’t think it changes something compared to other spray deodorant. It’s slightly less “aggressive” but no big deal.  Continue reading “Mixa Sensitive Comfort : What I Think ?”

☼ Ready To Tan ? ☼


Hello beautiful people ? How are you doing ? I’m honestly so SICK of this sh*ty weather in Paris. Like, come on ! It’s May but I feel like everyday is a throwback to December, it’s almost depressing knowing that Summer is in 2 months ! Can you believe it ? (I can’t but I don’t even know where Spring is)

When I think about Summer, I immediately imagine myself tanning on the beach with the sound of the waves and my sunglasses on. Ironically tanning is the hardest thing because sunburns happen. So, to get a flawless tan there are multiple products for before and after tanning. I selected some of my favorite ones from those I’ve used. There are mostly oils because I find it easier to apply and less sticky. But SPF is the most important criteria you have to look for because depending how sensitive your skin is and how long you are going to be exposed, choosing the right SPF can make a big difference. As far as I’m concerned, I use SPF 50 because my skin is very sensitive and I like a full protection. As for after tanning, hydrating is the key word and what works best is aloe vera because it has healing properties.  Continue reading “☼ Ready To Tan ? ☼”

Spring Colors Are Back !


Spring is by far one of my favorite season because flower trees get their color back under the shining sun, but still, it doesn’t get too warm outside. In Paris, I appreciate the rare moments when I can sit down on a terrace and chill with my sunglasses. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do that as much those past few days, since the weather is a little sad and the temperature closer of Fall. However it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy this season ! On the contrary, my favorite way to forget this weird weather that I’ve been used my whole life (Parisian life tho) is by painting my nails.

Indeed I have this weird obsession to match my nails to the seasons. I guess there aren’t any official Spring colors but I always pick those I think could match. Don’t worry I’m not going crazy with pink which I think suits my nails better during Summer. Of course some colors could also be worn during other seasons, but when I go into my nail polish collection, the colors I’m showing you are those I instantly pick out.

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MyLittleFlowerBox – April 2016

flower.jpgHi people ! Did you miss me ? Because I did ! It’s been soooo freakin long since I’ve last written on this blog. For days and days I was thinking about articles but I couldn’t find anything original. I was bored to always publish the same things over and over but at the same time, when I wasn’t writing it made sad. This blog is a place where I can share my passion for fashion and beauty but also other stuff like baking for example. When I don’t write, I miss something. It has become my full time hobby just like people who practise sport, I write.

For the past 2 weeks, I was stuck between exams, school but also  driving test (that I misse btw). However, I can’t stay away from what I truly love to do. This is, I believe, my second article of April and not going to lie, it’s weird to be back. It’s not like I was gone for months, but it feels just like I did.

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