My Interior Design : Industrial



When I think about my dream house, the image that automatically comes in my mind is this old factory transformed into a wide open loft. The space would be filled with industrial furniture, with either wooden floor or concrete everywhere. Often white, black and silver, I imagine lots of plants and large windows to bring the light in, it’s what I envy the most about those lofts. As for the bedroom, I could never see myself sleeping in a plane white room with white sheets and curtains so of course the bed, which is the master piece, would be full of multicolor pillows surrounded by lanterns, a very large colorful carpet to contrast the neutral floor and finally plenty of picture hanging on the wall.

The industrial look is the most popular interior design style because it’s a mix between chic and old school. When you enter in a place like that, it looks effortless but so precious and expensive just like in fashion.



Photo credits from Pinterest


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