March 2016 Favorites


We’re done with March and next coming up Spring ! I’m looking forward to smell the beautiful flowers on the trees and have the sun finally back. Those past few days have been pretty sunny and bright which, I have to admit, is incredible for Paris. Hope that it’s going to stay like that so we can start April the best way possible. Until then, I’ve been working so much this week and I haven’t really enjoyed the weather that much but I’m certainly going to have fun this week-end.

This month I realized that my hair is extremely long, probably the longest I’ve ever had. I remember once when it got almost at that same lenght, but I decided to cut it short. I feel like at some point, when you have very long hair, chopping it off to a much shorter lenght make you feel like a whole other person. However it was a good experience because now I know that I prefer my hair longer. So don’t worry, if you don’t like your hair short, always remember that it grows back and you have to be patient. To keep it that long, I have to take care of it more so ta save some time, I do everything when I’m in the shower. The majority of my hair care products are meant to be use with water. That’s why Schwarzkopf Gliss Longueur Sublime has helped keep my ends healthy. This is the first time ever I get to try a self-heating product. It’s the weirdest thing when you apply it on your hair and you feel Something hot.

Talking about hair, this one is not really my favorite but more my mom’s. For those of you who have some white hair showing up, a spray of colored dry shampoo is the solution. The one she’s been trying for 2 weeks is L’Oréal Magic Touch. It covers your roots naturally and it stays on the entire day. It allows you to dye your hair less, so less damage (However it does stain your pillows). But yout hair is not the only needing to take care of… I tried many body scrubs and so far, Yves Rocher caught my heart. The smell of candid orange and almond is interesting and I don’t have anything that smells the same. My skin is soft and smelling freaking amazing. If you don’t know Yves Rocher, it’s the french The Body Shop, with plant-based cosmetics. Pictures8Pictures9.jpgPictures11.jpgPictures12.jpg


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