November 2015 Favorites


Hello lovely people ! I hope you had a wonderful and good month of November because I sort of did. November is usually my favorite month of the year because guess what ? It’s my birthday ! Yes every 24th of November I’m getting older but never mind because I feel November is the perfect month just before Christmas and New Year but still we’re still in fall with pumpkin spice latte… Ladies and gentlemen, I discovered PSL in 2015 almost 2016, yes my kind still exists. But you know what, I think I’ve tried it before but I just had a bad experience with it but now everything is fine and back to normal (it tastes amazing).

Unfortunately this year’s November was probably the saddest one for me because of the tragedy that happened in Paris. I don’t think it’s necessary to do a all post about it or constantly reminding you that because journalists and media do in a much better way. We need to move on because a lot of things happen every single day in the world and we have know love always wins. December sounds so festive !


Instant Fatigue Blur Babyskin – Maybelline

Shower Gel Soap Free – Mixa

Crème Royal Festin – Baïja


Shampoo – Timotei Pure

Sweet Almond Oil – Monoprix

Nails Hair Skin Dietary Supplement – Juvamine


L’Irrésistible – Givenchy

Nail Buffer – etré 


Sinnlig Vanilla Candle – Ikea



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