5 Photo Editing App That You Need


When it comes to Instagram, I always edit my pictures because I like when there’s a good lighting and a filter always make the quality better. But recently you’ve all seen this trend of having a theme on Instagram so all you pictures have the same kind of lighting, contrast, filter… etc. If you stick to it, you can have a very pretty result, more attracting. Before using apps, I was just struggling with the Instagram filters. If you’re a pioneer of Instagram you probably remember those ugly filters with a frame that everyone loved so much. At that time, there was not many editing apps and editing was not something that people were doing. But honestly I prefer now, besides you can even edit directly on Instagram but I have stick to my apps.

1. Afterlight


Let’s put it straight away : it’s 0.99$ + other purchase included. I wanted this app for so long and I finally got it a month ago and I’m not disppointed at all. It has amazing features like polaroid frames, dusty, light leak… etc. and so many pictures that you see on Instagram are edited with Afterlight because for the quality and all the different feature that it offers, it’s definitely worth the price.Pictures4.jpg

2. VSCO Cam


This is literally the first app that I got when I started editing. This is the free version of Afterlight (with less features). This is another very popular application out there since everyone’s raving about it. There is obviously the basic editing features, but also different filters. My favorites are F2, T1 and Q5.Pictures5.jpg

3. #Snoopify



There’s not much to say about this app except that it’s really fun and not for real editing. I’ve never used it for an Instagram pic but more for myself, I look back at it and it’s always amusing to disguise someone based on a very serious picture. Then you can send it to your friends and laugh about it. This app is definitely the coolest one among the five.IMG_3213 [275982]

4. Layout


This is an app released by Instagram last year. You can basically make collages with different picutres. Nothing original, but I used to have 2 or 3 apps like that before and now that it’s paired with Instagram, it’s just a lot easier to use. I prefer using app that includes Instagram sharing so I don’t have to switch from the actual application to Instagram.Pictures6.jpg

5. Camcorder


This is also something I discovered not so long ago thanks to Instagram actually. I saw a lot my following using an old camera effect to record their videos and I thought it was so cool and origjnal. I looked for it for so long and I’m so glad I finally found it. It’s very Tumblr like and it works so well because it mimics the same effect than an old camera.IMG_3216 [284029]


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