February 2016 Favorites


This month has been by far the coldest one of this year’s Winter. I’m not sure if I liked it or not actually but it was still great. In fact, it’s the holidays and as I’m eating ice cream while writing this article, I think about how time flew by. It’s summer in only 4 months ! A good resolution that I took was to tidy my room and sell all the stuff that I don’t need anymore, including beauty products. I want to have a new start, change things because in September I’m going to college… OMG I’m so excited but also really nervous. It’s not that I’m moving but university is a new chapter of my life that I’m going to start soon after the final exams. There’s a lot of pressure but everything’s going to be okay (crossing fingers).

Also, this month was hectic because of my second trimester. I can finally send my academic records to the colleges I applied to. You know when you work so hard to achieve the goal you’ve been thinking about for so long and finally all your efforts are rewarded, it’s the best feeling in the world. All the time that you spent writing, reading, creating, analyzing… It was WORTH IT !

I’ve been in love with Trésor by Lancôme for such a long time. It’s just one of those perfume that you can’t stop buying because you’re never going to find anything similar that you love more. It’s like wearing a flower crown all day long and feeling feminine and elegant with just a touch of Trésor. However AXE has definitely taken my heart for a brief moment. It’s a mix between fresh air and summer in a bottle. It’s the first time that a drugstore perfume catches my eye and I don’t regret it. On a completely different note, my hair thanks Garnier and their amazing shampoo for delicate hair (raise your hands if you are too). It smells incredibly good and getting out of the shower with soft and smooth hair is da bomb ! But of course no favorite of mine could be done without a makeup product and surprisingly it’s a Real Techniques eyeshadow brush. I don’t know the exact reference but as I’ve been going out a lot those past few weeks, this brush was so useful to quickly apply some eyeshadow base on my entire eyelid. It’s flat and large, all I need really.

Where do you live and what was the weather like this month ?



3 thoughts on “February 2016 Favorites

  1. Les photos sont très jolies! Je suis moi-aussi restée très longtemps accro à ce parfum, mais voilà, je lui ai fait des infidélités depuis Juin dernier avec Quatre de Boucheron. Et je ne connaissais pas ce shampooing, ça me donne envie de tester!

  2. I hope to find that Garnier shampoo. Looks like it would be perfect for me!

    Loved reading your favorites! I did January favorites and am going to be doing favorites from now on! would love it if you took a look! http://bit.ly/1L4naQh

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