New Year’s Favorites !


What is up ? First favorites of 2016 already ! Most of my favorites this month were products that I’ve already quickly talked about in previous articles. For those who follow me since the beginning you’ll probably recognize some stuff from my birthday, beauty box… You’ll see other products featured in my previous articles in other favorites to come for sure !

This month’s favorites is the typical Winter essentials, mostly skin care but for all types of skin. January has been a really great month for me. I got to meet a lot of new people as well as receive amazing feedbacks on my articles. I’m still trying to figure out a way to update everything here. It’s in the process… I hesitate between so many things like for the design and stuff… I’ve already been looking at few very cool designs but I’m a perfectionist so I don’t want to make any mistake. I want everything to be perfect (or almost).

As usual I hope you’ll like this article if you tried any if these products, feel free to comment and tell me your opinion and stuff 😉



Moringa Body Scrub – The Body Shop

Lait Crème Concentré – Embryolisse

Rose Eye Mask – Sephora

Honey Eye Mask – Sephora

Lip Balm – Yves Rocher


Sweet Hand Cream – MyLittleBeauty


L’irresistible – Givenchy

Deodorant Original – Dove


Make Up Removing Glove – Glov


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