My Top 5 Romantic Movie

Single talking to you here ! Hello all of you single and in couple out there how are you doing ? Valentine’s day has always been among one of my favorite day because I love when people celebrate and I don’t mind being single, don’t worry 😉

It’s going to sound a little bit cliche but on Valentine’s day I watch romantic movies ! First it’s my favorite kind of movie because it’s so cute and it’s always good to have some emotional moments. I’m typically the girl who’s going to cry right when something sad happen, it’s automatic with me I even thought that I should be sponsored by a kleenex company or something. Even when it’s not the V-day I’m going to watch romantic movies, I swear. Hope that I don’t sound too lonely (lol)… With all those movies I’ve watched, I can definitely share with you my top 5 !


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