L.A 2015 Recap


When I’m looking at those pictures, it reminds me of summer and how tanned I was. Such a beautiful place full of vibrant vibes. The first time I went there, I was amazed by how pretty everything looks like. The first time it was like being in a movie. People are so nice and welcoming as well.


I wished I could live there the rest of my life… Yet I’m planning on moving to LA after university since my aunt already lives there and will be able to help me out finding an apartment and stuff like that… Because more than just a touristy place, I think there are lots of opportunities to take.

Las Vegas was also such an interesting city to see. But long story short, if you haven’t read my Las Vegas post, we booked the last double room in MGM Grand and once we arrived there was actually no double room left for us, certainly due to a technical problem or something. So guess what ? They gave us one of the suite and I freaked out.


One of my favorite place in the LA area is Pasadena because it’s where my aunt lives so it’s where I stayed for 2 months. It’s really calm and relaxing. Everything is so peaceful but at night it becomes vibrant. Surprisingly it’s a really flowery landscape which I’m fan of. But I think a must-go place is the Rose Bowl Flea Market because I always find little treasures that are not sold in stores. I call that the Tumblr place because all the things you see on Tumblr are in the flea market.

I’m really looking forward to go back please can someone take me back ? Next stop : Majorca !

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