Balearics Islands : Majorca


Traveling is my favorite hobby as you can tell and I’ve had the opportunity to visit many countries around the globe.

After Los Angeles, I decided to stop you guys in Spain and more specifically, Majorca. It is located in the East of Spain. One of the four largest islands of the Balearics and as you will tell by the pictures I took with my Nikon D3100, there are breathtaking landscapes ! The color of the water is unique and we drove through the entire island to discover all the magic of this place.


It was such a wonderful time where I miss the long night walks by the beach, shopping at the night market near our hotel where you could feel like you were home. The sound of young artists from schools dancing and singing bringing everyone together. What a night. I remember that I’ve never felt more festive than during that specific night. They performed for hours on the street to the beach. Lots of music, drummer, kids performing as well. Good vibes make a good trip as I say.


I mean look at that beauty. It’s even better in real. No filter, no anything but this infinity blue. What a memorable trip that lasted a week only. Hope to go back there with my friends because it will be fun. From all the places I went to, Majorca is among my favorites. No need to tell more because no words can describe what a picture shows.

When I look at this I imagine the sound of the waves, the sun hitting my skin and the wind sweeping my hair. Summer, how I miss you…




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