London : Day 1


After 3 fantastic days in London I’m finally back with this very exciting article. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen many of the pictures I posted everyday. I feel like there was a lot of food but I couldn’t resist. It was too tempting.

We arrived on June 28th morning and we walked around the gigantic but still beautiful Hyde Park. We couldn’t do much as we were stuck with luggages until afternoon. After checking in, we were finally able to shop around and visit some places like Buckingham Palace but with the rainy weather it was disappointing. We managed to travel in the Tube safely and made it out every time at the right place. My first impression was “Even better than I expected”. I only had a small souvenir of London when I came 3 years ago. I think that London is one of those cities where you have to see so much more outside of downtown not like Paris.

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BRIT’s Most Stylish

Brit awards

Hi guys ! Last night the Brit Awards happened and once again it was a success. I didn’t watch the show entirely but some performances that were incredible especially when there is Adele around (but girl that red carpet burgundy dress made no sense to me). However she interpreted “When We Were Young” one of her new success among all her amazing songs and she killed it as always just like Coldplay, my favorite music band in the entire world. Rihanna and Drake did them and I feel like they are the typical duo to invite if you want your the guests to have fun. But of course,there are no words to describe how moving David Bowie tribute from Lorde, Annie Lenox and Gary Oldman was. It was a great night but last year’s Brits was by far my favorite fashion wise and music wise because where there’s Justin Timberlake I am. (future husband btw)

However, I believe the highlight of the night was the red carpet moment as always if I may say. I stared and analyzed every single look from the best to the “worst” even if everyone looked stunning in their chic apparel. For some reasons, I’ve never been keen of men looks when it comes to red carpets. Women always look better and The Brit Awards 2016 was no exception. Some kept it classic and chic, others made a sexy appearance to catch the eye. Literally there was every style and all I can say is “I’m jealous”. But enough talking, can we take a look at the most stylish, stunning and sexiest people of the UK last night ? Can I put it out there that Lana Del Rey was DA BOMB ! YASSSSS

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