Interior Design : New In My Purse


After a week off studying and concentrating on myself, I’m back with a completely different topic : Interior design. I always had this passion for creating and decorating but more than that, putting together and matching different furniture, color, pattern is fascinating to me.

In my early days in high school, never have I thought that one day I would create a blog to share my likes and dislikes to unknown people only thanks to my laptop. Never have I thought that I would grow such a big passion for writing and creating contents, montages… It helped me to figure out my way to university even if I chose business, which is another passion of mine. I believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to develop your thoughts into realities because sometimes, even the smallest ideas can make the biggest hits.

As I am writing, I’m almost forgetting to talk about the main subject here, but more than just interior design, I wanted to dedicate a little part of this article to dreams and passions which make ourselves better persons. This blog won’t only be about fashion and beauty anymore, but I want to be able to open up about different themes.

With fashion and beauty, interior design is sticking in the same world, creative with this need of originality to stand out. Just like you learn to know how to make a white t-shirt look like a designer piece, I want to learn how to transform a white room into the next Versailles (exaggeration hello). Passions don’t come and go, and like I said I always need to make something out of mines. Some passions take more time to discover every aspect and interior design is among those. Rome wasn’t build in one day so I’ll have to learn, see, read and go through as many aspects as possible so, I hope one day, I’ll be able to discuss and why not put my knowledge in perspective. Thinking about great things and projects. As for now, this article is the first one of this “Interior Design” category that I hope you guys are going to like.



As for now go follow my Pinterest board where I’ll try to get the best out of it and share it here, with my tips and personal style. Nowadays, Pinterest is, according to me, one of the best sharing platform for new entrepreneurs or amateurs. You can discover many blogs and website dedicated to your interests.

Also quick notice, in this category you’ll basically find my favorite interior design deco, furniture, color match… Well you know good stuff 😉 jk but hope you’ll like it !

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