Inside My Purse


This is so me ! The other day I was shopping for my friend’s birthday present and I ran into this gorgeous bag from PARFOIShowever I wasn’t planning on buying myself something but it happened anyway. I’m obsessed guys ! When I saw it in store, I instantly fell in love. I was looking for a new bag for so long. I wanted a bag that corresponded to me, my style, simple and chic. I feel like the larger the bag is and the more I’m putting in so a shoulder bag is the perfect size, at least this one is. The main purpose I bought it was because I’m going to London at the end of June and I wanted something I could carry during this trip with all my essentials.

Talking about London, I’m so excited to finally be able to go back to one of my favorite city in the world. I’ve only been there once with my parents and I genuinely loved it ! The chic british vibe is present everywhere from the stores to the architecture. This time, I’m going with one my girlfriend for a shopping spree. Hell yeah ! We’re going to shop until we drop. But we also want to try some coffee shops, it’s kind of our tradition in Paris so we thought we’d keep going, even abroad. That’s exactly why this bag is going to become handy. Hands free to explore the city. We’re mainly going to focus on shopping and coffee shops like I said, but we also expect to visit some very cute places, like hidden streets, you know very instagram/tumblr. Loads of photos coming on my Instagram and a London recap of course ! Love those travel diaries… If you live in London or you know great places, store, coffee shops, streets to visit besides touristy places, please comment it would be so nice to help us out.


Featured in my bag

Michael Kors wallet | Givenchy make up bag | Dior mirror | Le Couvent des Minimes hand cream | Le Petit Marseillais lip balm | Airwaves chewing-gum | Monoprix hand sanitizer


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