Mixa Sensitive Comfort : What I Think ?


I don’t know about you but I’ve never been keen on deodorant because of the smell. In fact, deodorants usually STRONGLY smell flowers.

Mixa came out with this new range of deodorants with a new circle cap which makes it more comfortable. I was dying to try it because I was interested in the smell. Indeed Mixa has always been one of my favorite brand because their product smell absolutely amazing and fresh so I couldn’t be disappointed about this.

I got the first pink one with My Little Flower Box. My first impression was that it’s a very appreciable deodorant that doesn’t have a harsh smell. It smells fresh, that’s basically the only word I can say about it. It’s simple, works wonderfully and you can put a tonne without obviously showing everyone. Then I got the blue one which is with “Cold Cream”. There’s no difference whatsoever but the packaging. It smells exactly the same however I find the packaging very attractive. As for the circle cap thingy, I don’t think it changes something compared to other spray deodorant. It’s slightly less “aggressive” but no big deal. 


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