☼ Ready To Tan ? ☼


Hello beautiful people ? How are you doing ? I’m honestly so SICK of this sh*ty weather in Paris. Like, come on ! It’s May but I feel like everyday is a throwback to December, it’s almost depressing knowing that Summer is in 2 months ! Can you believe it ? (I can’t but I don’t even know where Spring is)

When I think about Summer, I immediately imagine myself tanning on the beach with the sound of the waves and my sunglasses on. Ironically tanning is the hardest thing because sunburns happen. So, to get a flawless tan there are multiple products for before and after tanning. I selected some of my favorite ones from those I’ve used. There are mostly oils because I find it easier to apply and less sticky. But SPF is the most important criteria you have to look for because depending how sensitive your skin is and how long you are going to be exposed, choosing the right SPF can make a big difference. As far as I’m concerned, I use SPF 50 because my skin is very sensitive and I like a full protection. As for after tanning, hydrating is the key word and what works best is aloe vera because it has healing properties. 



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