MyLittleFlowerBox – April 2016

flower.jpgHi people ! Did you miss me ? Because I did ! It’s been soooo freakin long since I’ve last written on this blog. For days and days I was thinking about articles but I couldn’t find anything original. I was bored to always publish the same things over and over but at the same time, when I wasn’t writing it made sad. This blog is a place where I can share my passion for fashion and beauty but also other stuff like baking for example. When I don’t write, I miss something. It has become my full time hobby just like people who practise sport, I write.

For the past 2 weeks, I was stuck between exams, school but also  driving test (that I misse btw). However, I can’t stay away from what I truly love to do. This is, I believe, my second article of April and not going to lie, it’s weird to be back. It’s not like I was gone for months, but it feels just like I did.

I know how you appreciate when I present my monthly box subscription even if this month’s is the last one. Indeed, after 6 months of beauty boxes, my birthday present has finally came to its end. If haven’t seen what’s in the other boxes, go check it out ! Overall I love the concept and I think I will try other boxes in the future.

This month’s box was a good way for me to welcome Spring. The weather here in Paris hasn’t always been kind but sunny days are on its way for sure. As for now, let’s take a look into My Little Flower Box… Between oranges and flowers, the smell of this box drove me crazy just by opening it. Everything smells incredibly good. However the “Jardin d’Appartement” which is an “Appartment Garden” isn’t useful whatsoever. In fact, the packaging is cute but the idea makes no sense. Basically you’re supposed to grow your little plant in this box but I don’t see the point. But besides that, I’m excited to try everything and of course, I’ll review about those I like.



7 thoughts on “MyLittleFlowerBox – April 2016

  1. Hey girl, I see that you have “troubles” with what to post so I recommend to have blog calendar and plan your posts, that way you’ll be more organized and make time to blog even on a busy day:)

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