How To Become A Street Style Pro ?

Pictures19.jpgI’m not an expert in fashion whatsoever but I’ve been looking at fashion influencers and models for a long time and they all have their own way to style and pair cloth. However, when it comes to street style, there are no specific ways to catch the eye of cameras. I promise, even if you are the worst in fashion, no need to buy a $300 shirt. Look further into this article, it’s simple and easily accessible to all.

1. Simple & Chic





Yes, you heard it right, the most simple outfit can be the most stylish one. In fact so many street style models are working the graphic t-shirt + boyfriend jeans + heels. This could be the most common combination you’ll see out there. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still well thought. With a colorful long coat and a designer purse, your street style senses are starting to work.

2. Photogenic



When I think about street style, photographers are automatically coming to my mind. No street style models can live away from photographers and this is how you can develop your contacts in this industry. Most of them travel the world to the most hype fashion events but don’t worry, fashion weeks are the perfect moments to get the attention of cameras. Smile and don’t be shy. Just let your personnality shine !

3. BFF is bae


What’s better than sharing the same love of fashion with your best friend ? Nothing ! You have more chance to be photographed when you and your BFF share matching ootd. It’s funnier and original for sure. Besides, it’s the coolest way to spread your friendship.

4. Gold digger



It’s clear to me that every time a street style is caught, you’ll always notice this perfect piece that makes the whole look pop. It’s usually something colorful and bright so it’s visible like a shoulder bag, a little scarf or sunglasses. Always look for something that might be inexpensive but that’s out of this world.

5. Social Media


Since Facebook, we’ve seen how social media has changed our way to live and communicate. Some fashion influencers even started on Instagram  and made their way into the fashion world thanks to their creative sense of communication. With social media, people like to spot the new trend instantly. Just think about the perfect picture with the good outfit but most importantly a matching background.  A Starbucks drink in on hand and a smile on your face, it will do. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram btw !

Photos sources : harperbazaar | whowhatwear | fashionmagazine | nymag | stylebazaar


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