MyLittleBubbleBox – March 2016


Never late, March box arrived just in time for another article. I’m sorry for being such a bad blogger. I couldn’t post as much as I wanted so my posting schedules went a little wrong but I’m going to figure that out for sure !

But hey, you’re here to know a little more about this month’s box and what it contains. First the packaging of course is so cute : this light pink fading into a baby blue is well chosen when the theme is bubble gum. Talking about the theme, I’m not really sure about that choice. Since February was fashion month, I expected more a fashion related theme than bubble gum so I was a disappointed. Then inside the box were hidden blue and pink objects (it’s all about the details). My 2 favorite are the beauty blender and the “Bubble Blush”. Believe it or not, I’ve never had or tried a beauty blender ever… I know like what ? But I guess, I never really needed one so I have a good excuse, don’t judge me. Of course, it’s a life changer but since I don’t use foundation or BB creams anymore I don’t know when I’m going to use it.

As for the blush, it’s like the Benetint by Benefit that you can use as a blush or on your lips. The only difference is certainly the color that’s definitely more purple than Benetint. The color is even stronger than on the images  and it blends pretty well for a cheap version of Benetint. It’s very interesting because it has 2 funtions and the finish is natural. Now I’m so happy because I don’t have to spend 35€ on a tiny bottle… Can we talk about this ridiculous price please ? Overall, this month’s is not my favorite box because it’s pretty basic except for those two items and also the Givenchy mascara. I had better boxes before so we’ll see next month what our last box has for us.



7 thoughts on “MyLittleBubbleBox – March 2016

  1. Tes photos sont super jolies! J’ai reçu la box moi aussi et je trouve que c’est l’une des meilleures (après celle de Noël). Le blush est très sympa et son odeur de bubble gum … hum ❤
    xoxo Emi

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