My Instagram Week #5


Those past two weeks have gone so fast and it’s already back to school time for me. During those two weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about future articles and I went to few places to help me out… On my instagram there’re couple of previews, so guess what’s coming and you’ll see the answer in couple of weeks. And yes I know I post a lot of food pics but when you’re a food lover like me, I can’t help it.

Wherever you live I hope you had a great week, a beautiful weather since it literally snowed in Paris I’m not kidding. But the thing is it didn’t even snow enough to actually see it in the streets, 10 minutes of big snowflakes and then done wtf ? It’s not fair ! Everyone went crazy on snapchat with this weird weather… And talking about snapchat, I’m wondering what were we doing before the filters. It changed the entire game, like now you can’t go though your snapchat feed without seeing someone with a filter on. It’s so funny tho. Anway don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more and yes I’m trying a new way of editing, what do you think ?
Documents1.jpg100D3100.jpg Documents2


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