Bikinis For Spring Break 2016


March is coming and if you are an American student you probably know what it means ? SPRINGBREAK ! Yes, finally that time of the year again. I think that besides Coachella, this is the most expected moment of this hard working year you’re spending. From Cancun to Ibiza, are you ready to live the most intense week of your life ? Time to relax, enjoy, have fun with your friends before going back to the tough reality of exams… But wait, Spring Break is meant for you to spend your day at the beach sooooooo wearing the best bikini is a must but it shall also be comfortable, sexy and resistant at the same time. The struggle is real my friend. And it’s not only one or two bikinis we’re talking about here, but low key a suitcase full of bikinis. I might have the solution right here for you but only have couple days left so you should start to worry if haven’t got anything yet.

Most of the bikinis I found on here. This site offers a large range of bikinis from $30 to $200 or more… So if you’re looking for a bikini go check them out because I’ve only proposed few of my findings to help your search. Then of course you have a beautiful collection of swimwear by Victoria’s Secret like always, you have various designs and I’m sure you’ll find your baby. Two other companies I’ve been following on Instagram for quite a long time are Same Swim and A Bikini A Day. There are run by amazing fashion influencers and both of their collections are as stunning as original, they deserve their success. The best for the end, my favorite online shopping site is by Asos because I took a look at their swimwear and I swear that you’re not going to be disappointed whatsoever.





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