MyLittleHomeBox – February 2016


Hello hello ! I’ve been a little busy those past few days so that’s why I wasn’t able to keep up with my posting schedule. I was focused on the aesthetic of the blog more than anything else. I changed the header many times because I’m still trying to figure out the final and (almost) perfect header for My Purse & Me. I’m struggling because I don’t have a lot of computer skills and I don’t know many softwares to personalize my header a little bit more to make it the way I want. If you have any suggestions to help me out, PLEASE leave a comment of any good website for bloggers, that’d be so nice ! As for now, if you didn’t notice yet, I upgraded the link to like that it’s easier to search and of course it’s another step forward into the developpement of my baby. It means so much to me, like it’s ridiculous.

Today I’m bringing you one of my readers favorite article. I feel that every month it’s another success and I’m so glad that you guys like it. And yes I’m talking about my monthly article about my beauty/lifestyle box. Unfortunately the subscription is coming to its end in April noooooooo ! Yet, I don’t know if I’m going to subscribe for another 6 months because I have other priorities money wise but who knows, I’m a very indecisive person, don’t even ask my friends…

The opening of this month’s box was as exciting as the others. I think the frame was the best surprise because with this box you never really know what you’re going to get and I love this baby blue large frame since I’m frameless at home (is this even a word ?). Just like last month, we got a beauty bag with 3 products inside. Surprisingly the “Easy Morning” is what I’m the most excited about because there was the night version in one of the previous box and OMG I love it, it smells amazingly good and the texture is perfect. Then the mask is also another favorite of mine. It suits my skin type and it supposed to do wonders for my skin, can’t wait ! My only disappointment is about the pillowcase made in an horrible material so it looks cheap and the quality feels really bad.



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