♥ For Valentine’s Day ♥


Valentine’s day in exactly a week from now ! How excited are you ? Oh… Don’t have any ideas ? Naaaah. I’m sure you’re full of inspiration to make that day very special. However if you still want know what I would do or what beauty products I would choose lucky you you’re in the right place at the right moment. No matter if you’re dating someone or not you can still celebrate it. Valentine’s day should not be only happy for couples. Love is not just a question of feeling, but also a matter of passion. Make that day special for your loved one, your family, your friends who have always been there for you. Show them how much you love them, show them that there are more than a person that is part of you like. Make them feel special because if they really love, they will make you feel like that. Being thoughtful takes not so long when you know that Love lasts forever. Valentine’s day is another occasion to prove it #lovealwayswins


Obviously when I think about the V-day red is the first color that comes to my mind but I decided to go for a very simple and basic color. I applied a base coat and then this beautiful baby pink shimmery color. I don’t think that a nail art is necessary even if it’s a special day. The easier the better ! It’s a suddle pink color to embellish your hands. You can pair with any jewelry you’d like : gold, silver or both. You can’t go wrong with nude. With this neutral color on your hands, you can go for a deeper/more intense make up. Avoid the “too much”.



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