Follow Me In Normandy


Another article, another trip. France is one of the most beautiful country in the world in my opinion and there are so many different landscapes to explore. 2 years ago I had the pleasure to visit Normandy, a city in North-West where I got to discover a little bit more about the history of this unbelievable place. Paris is not the only city in France to visit. Going to Normandy was like being in another world. It’s so peaceful.

First, we visited a museum dedicated to the World War 2 where we got to see soldier’s armaments, fighter planes and some real footage of the landings with testimonies… It was very interesting to know what happened with people who tell their story and what they’ve been through during the war. Then we went to the Normandy American cemetery and memorial located next to Omaha Beach where we walked to after. We spent most of our time on this beautiful beach where we had amazing moments, laughed and took tonnes of pictures to remember of. One of the most incredible trip ever I wanted to share with you.



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