My Instagram Week #4

Another week has gone so fast and it’s almost holidays in 2 weeks ! Oh guys… A lot happened this week for me. How can I resume it ? WALLET LOST. This has never happened to me, like ever ! I’m so upset because it was my birthday gift 2 years ago from my best friend. Besides that I had all my cards (debit card gone of course), ID… You should of seen me when I realized I lost it haha I was basically making that “Come oooooonnnnn…”. However I hung out with my friends, usually we love to end our day by going to a café *french accent*. If you ever come to Paris you’ll realize that you can’t walk in the street without seeing a café, it’s the identity of the city in a way. With my girl friend we stopped by “La Favorite” in a touristy neighborhood so it was more expensive than usual but they made the best chocolate drink !

And you, did you have a great week ?


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