Masks You Need To Try


Hello hello ! Since I started this blog, I put myself in an experiment program called “Cindy tests it all”… Kidding, but I did try a lot more skin care wise since October 2015. For some reason, masks have always been my favorite skin care product that’s why I tried so many to share my faves for a healthy and glowy skin even in the dark.

I have a combination skin so I buy either masks adapted for my type of skin or for all types, it depends on how I much I want to try the product. However it doesn’t always do the job correctly trust me. All types of skin are different and by that I mean your combination skin will not react the same than your friend’s combination skin. Important to know that. Normally you can detect your type of skin by yourself because you’re the most adequate person when it’s about your own skin obviously but it’s not always easy. For example, if you’ve used dry skin products for a long time when you are combination, your skin can become more oily through time. If you’re unsure, get an appointment with a dermatologist or simply with an esthetician (cheaper of course). So make sure to choose the right products, especially with masks because it suppose to “cure” your skin’s issues.

When it comes to masks, my personal interests are for cremes because I’m free to apply the amount I want on the parts of my face I want. However, I’m always excited to try new products.

nouveau article4

  1. Clay Mask – Cattier
  2. Active Charcoal Mask – Origins
  3. Green Tea Mask – Sephora
  4. Rose Mask – Sephora
  5. Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask – Kiehl’s
  6. Aloe Protective Restoring Mask – The Body Shop

I must admit that the biggest surprise I got was from Sephora who launched their face mask collection. At first I wasn’t going to try it because I’ve used Sephora products in the past and honestly it wasn’t that good quality but those masks feel very comfortable on my skin, I don’t have any bad reactions. My favorite is the “Green Tea”. However I recommended it to one of my friend and she told me she had some kind of allergic reaction when she used it so I guess it really depends on your skin type. Tell what are your favorites and what do you think about my selection ?


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