Bracelets Love


Bracelets are the best way to finish up an outfit. I love thin and delicate pieces. I’m always looking for handmade original rare bracelets that I wouldn’t find anywhere, that’s why I’ve been going to many flea markets in Paris. There are some jewelry designers who only expose their collection to events like that. It’s a good way for them to get more clients and sell their pieces at an affordable price. But in Paris it’s not like LA where you have a flea market every Sunday. There are not many but the one that I’m going to every time is by Violette Sauvage. It’s not really “flea markets” but more clothes swapping where you can buy second hand clothes that are not sold in stores anymore. There are either luxury brands or more affordable ones however in either way the price is still very interesting if you are on a low budget. If you ever come to Paris, I strongly recommend you to pass by one of their event. Unfortunately like I said, it’s not a weekly thing but more monthly so stay tune on their website.

About the bracelets I recently got 2 from the clothes swapping organised yesterday. The first one is the baby pink transparent pearls one with a cute elephant in the center and the other one is the rose gold in an arched form with two turquoise triangle shaped stones. There are basically what I was looking for and wanted for so long. It’s really Pinterest or Tumblr. So simple and thin but at the same time original. I love the fact that the pearl bracelet makes 3 turns on my wrist so it looks 3-in-one. From the same designer, the turquoise pearl bracelet that looks similar is also something I wear on a daily basis to complete my outfit. I bought it at the December clothes swapping (I forgot to ask if they have an online store or something but I’m going to the next event and hopefully they are too).  Because I love black and dark clothes so much, colorful bracelets are always welcome.


And yes Jacqueline Kennedy was a true style inspiration !


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