6 Day Teatox Experience


This month, in my beauty box I got the pleasure to receive this 6 day teatox sample by Skinny Mint that I was dying to try ! I’ve never heard of this company before but they are supposedly the number 1 teatox in France. So on Monday I began. This contains 6 “Morning Boost” tea bags to drink every morning with or after breakfast. There are also 3 “Night Cleanse” tea bags to infuse on alternate evenings before going to bed.

I’m not really a morning person. I wake up at 7 am for class and it usually takes about 20 minutes to get ready + breakfast. The “Morning Boost” smells very fruity and floral, it’s stronger than the “Night Cleanse”. I let it infuse for 4-5 minutes like it says on the back and I drink it before leaving which is not the best thing to do because it’s still hot but for me it was drinkable. It’s better to let it cool down for at least 6-7 minutes. The first day I could feel the results I mean you can ask my friends ! I was more “excited” than usual because I felt more awake. It was just like I drunk coffee but with a better taste (I don’t like coffee sorry).

At night, I drink “Night Cleanse” at about 9 pm a little after dinner. Those tea bags have a slight pepper and ginger smell, since it contains ginger and pepper mint. The taste is more on the green tea side for sure. A cup of tea like that feels really good at night. When some tea contains caffeine, I like the fact that they’ve separated the ingredients for mornings and nights. In contrary to the “Morning Boost”, I didn’t feel any obvious result in my body but I believe that I need to try it out for longer, maybe a month or so to really notice something. But overall I appreciated it because with a healthy living I still noticed that my skin was lighter and healthier with less imperfections. I’m thinking about buying the full size tho !

If you are or have tried a teatox plan like this, let me know what you think…



4 thoughts on “6 Day Teatox Experience

  1. I’ve heard a lot of things about teatox, some good and some bad. It’s a good thing that you are not a coffee drinker lol because coffee actually makes you gain weight. But yea let us know if this works for you in anyway and also if you feel any side effects. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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