Hair Care Routine


I have a long story with my hair for sure. I’ve never really been a caring person when it comes to hair. For years, I used to experience a lot of different hair color. For some reason, I kept changing over and over again to the point where my hair became overly dry and damaged. It’s only a year ago that I truly started to care. Realizing how bad my hair was, it drove me crazy to look for THE product that was going to change the hair game. Never found it. However, I tried couples of very efficient and good quality hair products that I’ll talk more in depth in this article.

My Hair

I have long and oily hair but with dry ends. I don’t have much volume. Besides, my hair is very thick and I have a lot of it even if I tend to loose my hair mostly because of the weather and the stress. I hate ponytails or to tie my hair in general. I do it only when it bothers me or when I have to. I don’t curl my hair, it is straight anyway and the only hit I put is when I blow dry after my shampoo twice a week.


The first time I dyed my hair I was probably 14 or something. Then I took a break for 2 years. When the tie and dye/ombre hair trend came, I was dying to get it. It’s basically when your hair fades from dark into light (almost blond depending on your hair color). I though it was so fresh and summer. Only problem, it’s a bleaching technique which is the worst thing you can do to your beautiful hair. I did it anyway because I knew that I only needed to take good care of  hair with masks and stuff like that… However, I did another tie and dye like 8 or 9 months later. Bad idea Cindy ! Why ? Simply because I have very dark base and the lighter I wanted, the oranger it got. In January 2015, back to my “natural” color. Unfortunately, wrong pick at the store so wrong color at home. Another dye 3 months later, this time at a hair salon. Success ! Just 2 weeks ago, I attempted a at-home balayage, it looks pretty good. Now, I decided to let my hair breath.

Cutting My Hair

Again as an ex bad hair person, I used to cut it once every two years. Crazy thing of me ! Just like everyone says, you should cut it or at least the ends, once every 2 or 3 months depending on your hair type. As for me, I now cut it at home with professional scissors every time I have too many splits ends. I don’t trust hair dressers that much because it happens to all of us every single time : you ask for 2 cm but you feel like they cut like 10. I’ve never had any bad experience with a hair dresser but it’s way easier and faster for me to do it by myself. Nothing too crazy of course !

My Routine Step-By -Step


Using constantly one shampoo makes it less effective after 3 or 4 times. So I alternate between a volumizing shampoo by Aussie and another one for oily hair by Timotei that I absolutely love. It is paraben and silicon free. Every time it leaves my hair clean and fresh. I recommend it for oily hair. I know that Aussie has 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner but it will not be as good as the individuals. Since it’s drugstore, it is very affordable.


I use this Aussie conditioning treatment when I feel that my hair needs a little bit more moisture. I’m not in love with it. I think about changing to a Organix one. I don’t which one yet. However, this is not a bad product at all, just not for me.


This is by far one of the best mask I’ve ever used. Definitely in my top 3. You see, to deeply moisturize my damaged hair, I’ll go for a thick and creamy mask but I’m picky and especially concerning masks. I know that the thicker and richer it is, and the flatter my hair will look because it weight it down. But Dove gave me faith in drugstore masks. The texture is smooth and bubbly, almost like a mousse. It gives just enough hydration and softness. Amazing !


When I did my at home balayage couple days ago, I wanted to brassy orange tones (I know the deal now) with a blue toner. This is one by Dessange was just perfect. It’s for blond, colored or bleached hair. I started to see results after the second application. As for now, I use a generous amount twice a week and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.


After blow dry, I like to apply this Lovea almond oil on the ends to give more softness and moisture once again. I’ve tried lots of oils for hair from different brands but I’m sticking to this one that’s made for skin. It works even better and it’s all natural.


Finally, I was dying to use castor oil. I’ve read so many great reviews about the benefits. It’s supposed to stimulate hair growth. OMG ! You guys need to buy it ! I got mine while looking around in a professional hair store. It’s important to buy it there because sometimes, drugstore oil are mixed with other ingredients that are not so natural. I’ve seen incredible results within a month. My hair grows so much faster which makes me cut it more often.


2 thoughts on “Hair Care Routine

  1. I commend your will on maintaining products for your hair. I can’t even keep up with my night time face care routine. T__T haha

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