MyLittleWishbox – January 2016


Here we go again ! It’s that time of the month… At the beginning, I didn’t think to do an article every month but every time I’m just too impatient to share it with you ! So this month MyLittleBox celebrates the new year and as usual I was very excited when I saw this pretty box on my desk. But a funny story that happen every month, around the 14th or 15th just before entering my house I think about that box and it ‘s just like I know it is here waiting for me. It happened again today ! It’s weird but when you’ll get to know me better you’ll come to realize that “weird” is probably the most efficient to describe me (sorry not sorry).

But back to the content of this January 2016 box, I was so pleased to see this beautifully designed diary/notebook where I decided to schedule my future articles. I couldn’t start this year better than being organized so thank you MyLittleBox for that. In the little bag, we got a a night cream, a shower scrub as well as a lip balm. But by far what I appreciated the most is the teatox. OMG ! You guys don’t know for how long I was looking for a detox plan. Besides everyone’s talking about teatox since it’s the new trend promoted by everybody on social media. I wished someone could invent a way for you to smell the products because those tea bags are DA BOMB ! I haven’t tried them yet, but it smells incredibly good. Very fruity and strong (I’m bad at describing scents) but I enjoy it. Not sure everyone does.

Overall like previous months, I’m super impatient to try out everything and tell you guys more about it. Quickly about the design, this month’s theme is greenish pastel as you’ll see. Honestly I prefer more vibrant design so this one is not really my cup of tea but as always it is very sophisticated. The only negative part I noted was that one of the box’s corner came slightly damaged. It’s not from the travel for sure, a little disappointed about that. I hope it’s not going to happen again.



8 thoughts on “MyLittleWishbox – January 2016

  1. Hey Cindy, firstly I just discovered your blog the other day and I love it, your pictures as well are amazing and I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award!

  2. Love this! I’m in London so still waiting for my January box but I hope it’s the same, love the look of the diary and the teatox. I had that night cream in a previous box and liked it too 😊

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