Face Make Up From 2015


Make up and I have a long story. But long story short, for years I’ve experienced many products. Starting from tinted cream for light natural coverage to foundations for more finish looks, I built up my opinion about what I liked and didn’t in 2015 and I’m excited to share this with you people.

What I figured out after using so many face make up is that matching perfectly my skin tone is almost impossible and every time I struggle for at least 30 minutes in the make up section. I rarely mixed two foundations together but maybe I should of. However, I think the only foundation that matches me close from perfection is L’Oreal  Eau de Teint (Pure Beige) that I didn’t feature in this article but it’s a really amazing foundation that I used the all summer because the liquidy texture feels like I don’t have anything. Something I definitely recommend for a “no make up” make up look.

What I Like

When I first started using make up, BB cream was the only thing I used to apply on my face because it looks so much more natural and light. When Maybelline came out with the Dream Fresh BB I bought it right away and adored it. The texture is good to apply with a beauty blender to keep the light/medium coverage that is buildable.

In addition, I use Dream Bronze BB instead of a bronzing powder because a darker tinted cream looks more natural and that’s the result I’m looking for. It has slightly goldish reflects so it highlights as well. The shade light/medium blends very well with my skin tone and I really like the slightly tan effect that defines my face like a bronzer would.

As for primer, I’ve already talked about it in many article before but once again, I have to admit that Maybelline came out with two very nice primers.

Then, the first and probably last foundation I tried in 2015 for more than 5 months is L’Oréal Match Perfect. I find the coverage VERY nice because it’s buildable on where you have more imperfections. The color is not that bad on its own I have to say but it also has down sides I’ll talk further in this article. Overall, I recommend it for people with acne scars or very visible imperfections.



Continuing with my faves, quickly going thru powders but before, can we sit and talk about how good Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch is because I’m going to purchase the all stock if it’s necessary. This concealer/highlighter covers and brightens up my under eye so well that I look a hundred times more awake. It’s pure gold in a pen. The twister thing makes the product so much easier to apply in the morning on the go (since being late is the story of my life).

Another concealer I find very efficient is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse It’s supposed to be a foundation but I don’t know how I like it on my entire face. It’s pretty drying but as a concealer the mousse feels very soft.

Moving on with my favorite powders, I featured Rimmel Stay Matte in many articles because it simply does its job and keeps my face matte for at least 5 hours. It doesn’t feel cake or drying. According to me, it’s a must-have in everyone’s make up draw. As for bronzer, I’ve been keen on Maybelline Dream Sun trio bronzer with a tint of gold reflects and Monoprix (french drugstore) bronzing powder because they both give a natural finish (which you understood by now is what I love), very subtle and they blend well.


What I Don’t


Unfortunately (for me) I didn’t like everything in 2015 and I had some bad surprises but overall it’s the same bad suprise I get for every products I don’t like : the color  (except Match Perfect).


In fact, L’Oréal Match Perfect is among my likes but also my don’t because for my combination/oily skin it can surprisingly be pretty drying and it cake up a little when I apply too much. Through out the day, my face gets very oily and shiny. Besides, the more it’s on, the more it oxydes and at the middle/end of the day, my friends could clearly notice my foundation.

For Maybelline Dream Pure BB and  Mixa DD Cream , the main reason why I didn’t like it whatsoever is the color. OMG ! The orange undertone is SO damn strong and vibrant in those two tinted creams that it makes me wonder how can it match someone ? It’s not relevant on camera but on the day light, it looks like you’re dressing up for the celebration of oranges (literally the fruit) ! I think the worst one is the DD cream which I was so excited about when I heard that it was a “DD” cream but… Everyone gets disappointed in life haha.

Finally, the biggest fail according to me in 2015 : e.l.f. Contouring blush & bronzing powder. I tried it only once because after opening the packaging for the first time I was LITERALLY shocked at how vibrant and shimmery the bronzer and blush are. But when I say vibrant just look at the swatches. I mean it’s like having the make up of Barbie in real life… Well I guess my love for Barbie stopped at this moment. But I know that eye lips face proposes other shades of this duo palette, even in matte I believe ? In conclusion, don’t buy the color “Antigua”  if you’re not into that stuff (I can’t even put words on how much I hate it actually)


This article is not sponsored and all opinions are my owns.

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