Eye Make Up From 2015


For some reasons I’ve never been to keen on eye make up but I’ve always collected so many products from eye shadows to mascara… Eyeliner was and still is probably my worst nightmare. Even in my nightmares applying eyeliner is a struggle. I think I really started to get into make up at age 13-14, something like that and I loved to watch tutorials on smokey eyes and how to do the perfect wing liner. But unfortunately it never worked for me since I have inexistant eyelashes as well as eyelids (sad moment). I even came to the point where mascara was a no sense.

However, I admit that a little bit of bright colors give more pop and dimension to my dark brown eyes but one again, experiencing different colors helped me to find out my match for my eye color. A

As you will tell one of my favorite eye make up is or was mascara. I like how it immediately lifts lashes and opens up your eyes and make them a little bigger. I think mascara is always part of a no make up make up look just to give dimension to your eyes after a long flight, in the car or at school. But I find very annoying that I always get mascara on my eyelids, like all the time.

What I like


Black mascara is obviously a must, but what a lot of people don’t know is that brown mascara gives a more natural look. The only one I own is Maybelline Longueur Provocante which is now sold as Lash Stiletto, the packaging looks the same tho. What I adore about this mascara is not only the color but the brush type of thing is very thin which allows a small amount of product for each application. No need to apply crazy coats but even if you want to, it’s not going to give that package look 2-3 coats will be enough.

Then L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly  has a very cool brush in a diagonal shape like a wing or something. It makes the application ten times easier since it actually looks like your eyes. Still a very thin and convenient brush. The only problem is that it drys quickly in my opinion so don’t let it open for too long.

Continuing in the mascara category, Maybelline has pretty damn good stuff on the market especially with The Rocket Volum Express It has a fat tip with shorter fibers but more scattered. It gives volume and length without over product. Besides, Illegal Extensions has the same kind of thin brush than Longueur Provocante. With Rocket Volume, it is probably one of the best mascara ever. Not going to repeat myself once again but overall I recommend it if you like natural make up looks.

Concerning Turbo Volum Express, I’m not sure volum wise but it does give texture and definition for sure. It has more fibers equal more products. The brush is fat and dense so less is more in this case. I don’t know if it sells in the U.S. or anywhere else than France but the packaging is very simple and small, perfect for traveling.

Next, two eyeliners I’ve been adoring in 2015 are L’Oréal Super Liner Silkissime and YSL Beauty Eye Pencil. They’re both very deep black with a fat tip perfect for smokey eyes but to avoid for an every day according to me, first because it’s really visible and smudgy during application, then I believe it’s waterproof at least for L’Oréal. It is the hardest thing to remove even from the swatches, I’m struggling to take it off with water. For a thiner and every day eye make up look, I strongly recommend Bourjois because it is a 3-end felt tip liner that facilitates wings and other applications. I have to say even for me who’s bad at eye liners it’s a relief.

Shortly about Sephora eyeshadow that I mentioned in previous articles, it’s a pigmented shadow that I use as a base or in the inner corner of my eyes. Those single shadows are very affordable and easy to bring everywhere.


What I don’t


Quickly about my negatives of 2015, this Cien mascara is among what I truly hate about mascaras because of the brush that is so dense and has so many large fibers that one coat of it is already too much. It gives packages and make my eyes look like sh*t literally. I own some of Maybelline mascaras that also has the same brush and it’s unbearable. As for this blue eye pencil by Deborah, the tip so dry and hard that it hurts once I try to apply it. I don’t understand how it’s possible to sell that knowing the bad quality.

This article is not sponsored and all opinions are my owns.

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