Acne Myth

You’ve been suffering of acne for a long time ? You want the miracle solution ? You want a flawless skin ? Well WRONG article here sorry ! I want to write this article because I suffered from severe acne for 2 years and I’ve gone thru different phases from depression to unconfident about everything so I know exactly how it feels. Now, some people out there say that they accept it because it isn’t going to stay forever it’s just a matter of patience and I think those persons tell the truth and I’m very admiring. But the majority has to deal with it every single day like carrying a sign “Hello I have acne”. It’s hard, you need to have a strong mind, prepared for the outside judgmental world. How to do it ? How to gain confidence and act like you don’t care ? Well I don’t know but try to Google it or ask Siri, maybe they have the answer…

This article is not tell you what you should or not do. This article is here to help you just a tiny tiny bit to realize that acne is not the end of the world, stop freaking out because you skin doesn’t look like those 99% photo shopped bombshell in magazines. Stop trying every stupidity on the market that says “Acne treatment” but that’s only 10$ in drugstore. I’m the first one to use drugstore products but it’s not an excuse to buy everything. Stop feeding yourself with carrots, salad and soup because you want to convince yourself that you’re healthy so you acne will magically disappear. It’s just the most cliché that you can get. I did it. I watched hundreds of Youtube videos of girls who got rid of their acne thanks to this or that but I guess a part of me knew that it was not the solution so I never end up trying what they said. I bought thousands of natural products from tea tree oil to 100$ cream. I’ve never had enough of it. I was so obsessed with my appearance that it drove me crazy to have red volcanoes on my face. For a long time I was convincing myself that it was not acne but just “imperfections” (no it was acne, really). At the beginning it was nothing too bad. Then it started to be everywhere on my face to the point where I couldn’t leave my house without make up even to go to the grocery store that’s literally 1 minute away. How sad does it sound ? Make up was like water to me, I couldn’t do without. Of course my skin was not doing any better, even worse.

I know you’re reading this desperately looking for an answer to your question “How do I get rid of my acne ?”. There’s only one person who knows that. Not your mom, not your best friend, God neither. A DERMATOLOGIST. Crazy huh ? They exam the severity of your acne and give you a treatment that can possibly improve your skin issue. I know that in a lot of country there is no health care like in France so visiting a doctor is quit expensive but think about it : the money you spend on buying products for your acne, you can actually spend it for a professional who knows about acne and products YOU should use.

Finally, before showing you the products that I think might be more effective than any others, from my experience with acne I’ve learnt that we live in a world where people scream that “physical appearance doesn’t matter” whatsoever except that the moment you look different those words doesn’t make anymore sens so you just have to stay positive, trust yourself. There’re ups and downs in life, deal with it because one day you’ll be able to look back and realize that it was nothing but spots that ruined a tiny part of your life. You have long and amazing road in front of you. Stop caring about everything all the time, relax and breath, it’s not like there is no cure for acne come on.

If you’ve made it this far, comment what you think and I would be glad to read your perspective about this subject. Now onto products I’ve been using and that I strongly recommend, some are part of my skin care routine of course.

Obviously dermatological brands are the best but careful, not all of them. My heart beats for La Roche-Posay (which you can find at Target if you live in the U.S) that offers a large range of treatment for acne prone skin. I’m using myself their micellar water as well as the concealer against marks.

Avène is also love of mine because the cleansing gel that I’m using has definitely helped improving my skin situation and I could notice it when I tried to change for another gel. Disaster is the word.


If you are a make up lover Vichy has what you need. If want to cover your acne with a foundation I totally recommend their make up range. Their foundation is probably one of the best on the market right now since it is full coverage specifically made for imperfections like acne scars and other skin problems that you want to hide. They have made a remarkable video that you need to watch.



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