Christmas spirit

Ho ho ho ! Christmas is here, you can’t even imagine how excited I am because it’s my favorite time of the year OF COURSE ! I love how Christmas has the power to reunite everyone. It’s a time of giving back and helping those in need. I love to see all the beautiful messages and things people do and share on social media. As for me, every year around Christmas/Winter time, because it gets really cold here in Paris I try to give as many clothes as I can from my closet and that I don’t need anymore to charities. Maybe it’s not as helpful as giving money, but I think doing just a little something is already worth every penny.


But what I enjoy the most about Christmas is to see my family gathered around a table full of yummy meal, listen to Christmas songs, wear this horrible sweater you’ll never ever wear the rest of the year. It’s kind of like a thanksgiving but for everyone. The most exciting time for me is the gift opening moment ! Not that I’m living for presents but I am so cheerful when I see others open their gifts,  it just makes me feel so damn happy.


Moreover the Christmas vibe going on in Paris and I’m sure other cities makes everyone so much more happy and festive. That’s all we need.


I hope you all are going to spend a Merry Christmas ! Sending loves from Paris.

xx Cindy


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